Our Partners

GrowGen is pleased to work with the following top-quality distribution and brand partners.


Advanced Nutrients

One of the most popular nutrient brands in the marketplace and the world’s #1 seller of hydroponics nutrients.

Aurora Innovations

With its Roots Organics line, Aurora Innovations is dedicated to bringing superior and unique organic gardening products to growers for a healthier and happier planet. Founded in Eugene, Oregon by a group of conscientious, organic gardeners.


Premium nutrients, supplements and systems from a highly organized, collaborative team of deeply rooted growers that see the world of hydroponics going mainstream. Allowing grow professionals to grow anywhere, indoors or out.


Compact, quiet and extremely efficient! The Original Can-Fan provides the power and flexibility needed for residential and commercial applications. Rated for continuous operation, utilizing an extremely reliable external rotor motor and reverse curve blade.


State-of-the-art formulas that supply all the essential minerals plants need for optimum growth. Whether you’re a hobbyist with a couple of house plant’s or a commercial grower with hundreds of acres, Dyna-Gro can provide a complete nutrition solution for your plants.

Emerald Harvest Hydroponic Nutrients

Premium nutrients, supplements, root inoculants and plant tonics formulated to bring you greener gardens and fuller wallets. You will achieve simple, easy success in your gardens with Emerald Harvest. Our simple yet powerful line of plant nutrients and supplements ensures you spend less time managing your feeding schedules, less money shopping for refills and more time watching your yields stack up at harvest. The nation’s oldest wholesaler and leading manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and high-intensity grow lights.

Eye Hortilux

EYE HORTILUX® offers premium HID grow lights and ballasts for indoor gardeners. EYE HORTILUX® also provides expert grow lamp advice, professional tips and useful information to help you make educated decisions regarding your HID lighting needs.

Fox Farm

A nationally recognized family-owned company dedicated to producing the finest quality garden products available anywhere, offering custom blended soil mixes, natural and organic fertilizers as well as organic-based products that Combine the Best of Technology with the Goodness of Nature™

Gavita Horticulture Lighting

Gavita is the largest specialized horticultural lighting company in the world. We are active on all five continents with projects ranging from single fixtures to large greenhouses with well over 100,000 fixtures, serving the retail, research and professional horticultural market.

General Hydroponics

Founded over 35 years ago by Lawrence Brooke on the principles of quality, simplicity, innovation and a sustainable future, GH carries a proud tradition of bringing together nature and technology.

Heavy 16

Heavy 16 is a complete fertilizing system, streamlined and grower-engineered to optimize crop volume and quality.


Flagship product of Sun Gro, the largest producer of peat in North America and the largest distributor of peat moss and peat-based growing media products to the North American professional plant growers market.

House & Garden Nutrients

For over two decades House & Garden Dutch plant nutrients and additives have provided farmers across the globe with premium grade, state of the art technology and grow solutions.

Hydro-Organics Earth Juice

Since 1991, Hydro-Organics Wholesale Inc., the makers of “Earth Juice,” has pleased gardeners around the world and been recognized as the leader in developing original fine crafted gardening products with an emphasis on using premium natural Ingredients in easy-to-use formulas for prize winning results.

Mills Nutrients

Mills Nutrients is designed, manufactured and bottled entirely in Holland. Made in the fine Dutch tradition of an easy to use two part base along with additives that provide your plants with everything they need and nothing they do not. Mills is one of the first to develop bio-mineral plant nutrients utilizing the best of both synthetic and organic sources optimizing growth rates, yield, flavor, and aroma. 



The flagship product from Premier Tech’s Horticulture and Agriculture group, Pro-Mix combines its expertise and all-purpose grow experience to deliver 35 million bags of high-quality growing medium products yearly.


Central Garden Supply

One of the nation’s largest wholesale suppliers of lawn and garden products with 11 distribution facilities spanning the U.S. A subsidiary of Central Garden & Pet, a publicly traded company and leading innovator, marketer and producer of quality brands like Pennington Seed®, Lilly Miller®, Ironite®, Sevin® and Amdro®.

DL Wholesale

DL Wholesale Inc is a rapid growing wholesale distributor of general hydroponic, indoor gardening and horticulture equipment. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, we have been hard at work developing and bringing to market the most reliable, highest quality, and cost effective equipment. DL Wholesale provides our customers with excellent customer service, fast delivery options, and no-hassle return policies. We have the capabilities of providing anywhere from single small package shipments to full trailer loads. Bay Area hydroponic shops are provided with same or next day delivery service by our own delivery trucks.

Humboldt Wholesale

Exclusive distributor of house and garden. Good things come from Humboldt.


The nation’s oldest wholesaler and leading manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and high-intensity grow lights.

Hawthorne Garden

Founded in 1955, Sunlight Supply, Inc. is a Vancouver, Washington based manufacturer and distributor of specialty gardening supplies. Its product offering of over 5,000 different products includes everything needed for indoor, hydroponic, organic and greenhouse gardening.

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