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Grow Lights

Build your own optimal Grow Pro hydroponic lighting solution with our vast selection of grow lights—LED, induction, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, plasma and more—plus all the ballasts, movers, hangers, strips, meters you’ll need and more.


Everything you need to design your Grow Pro hydroponic system: Aeroponics, drip watering, water culture, ebb and flow, self-watering and more, plus all accessories.

Nutrients & Additives

Feed your plants like a true Grow Pro. We feature a broad selection of the finest primary and secondary plant nutrients and supplements available today.


Automate your grow room by taking advantage of the ease of growing outside while keeping all the great benefits of indoor gardening. Environmental controllers are a great way to both monitor and control your grow room. Controllers break the chain by giving you a life outside your garden.


Start off like a Grow Pro with the clone systems, solutions, gels, starting mediums and other accessories that the pros use.


For anyone interested in large-scale gardening, a commercial greenhouse tent should be considered if you are serious about cultivation. By using this type of enclosure, you will be able to raise crops any time of year, even when they are unable to be grown outside. These structures will help take your horticultural efforts to the next level and will eliminate many of the gardening problems that arise from outdoor gardening.

plant care

Plants thrive in the full face of the weather and changing seasons. Rain is the main source of water and a strong breeze does wonders because it removes dead tissue and old leaves. Many species even need seasonal variation to trigger changes in their physiology. Those plants that are adaptable enough to cope indoors have their own particular requirements for light, heat, and other environmental aspects.


Set a strong foundation and select the right Grow Pro grow medium for your specific grow operation, organic or Soils, rockwools, synthetics, mixed soilless solutions and more.


Harvest like a Grow Pro with gathering accessories such as gloves, pruners/shears, trimmers, pollen bags, drying racks, jars, storage bags and more.