Best Value Vacs 1.9 cu ft ECO Vacuum Oven


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Best Value Vacs 1.9 cu ft ECO Vacuum Oven

1.9 cu ft ECO Vacuum Oven

The 1.9 cu ft ECO oven by BVV provides the same great performance of their higher end ovens in a more economical package.  For degassing and purging light hydrocarbon solvents, the ECO Vacuum Oven is an efficient and affordable option. Purpose-built with the best materials, this vacuum oven is a no-brainer for anyone looking for an indispensable tool in making the highest-quality extracts.

• 1.9 cu ft interior space
• 4 wall heating
• 5 removeable shelves
• LED lighting in door
• Digital display
• Automatic overtemperature shutoff
• Fused for protection

• Removes residual solvent to low ppm
• Even, efficient heating across multiple shelves
• Allows purging of multiple runs of the extractor

• 0.9 cu ft vacuum oven
• ¼” HVAC Hose

Technical Specs:
• Dimensions: 28” Width, 22” Depth, 21” Height
• Weight: 205 lbs
• Voltage: 120V
• Frequency: 60Hz
• Power: 800W
• Current: 6.7A
• Vacuum Range: -30 – 0  inHg/-1 – 0 bar
• Operating Temperature Range: RT + 18°F - 212°F
• 304 Stainless Steel Interior Chamber
• Temperature Stability:  ±1.0°F
• Temperature Uniformity: within 7% of temperature setpoint
• Heat-Up Time: 45 minutes to preheat. Optimal saturation in 120 minutes, over 30 minutes faster than competitors.
• Ultimate Vacuum: <500 µmHg / mTorr / micron
• Time to Vacuum: 4 minutes to -1 bar using 4cfm 2-stage vacuum pump
• Shelf Capacity: 213 in2

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