The GrowGeneration Commercial Team is armed with industry leading professional consultants. Our team is here to help fully manage any size or scale project. We offer turnkey facility designs, cultivation room design, and on-site project consultation. Along with superior service capabilities, the Commercial Team is here to increase yields, lower production costs, and generally increase the efficiency of any commercial cultivation facility.

Our team is comprised of individuals that provide a unique set of skills and expertise to all of our clients. Each member has over 10 years of growing experience and knowledge, labeling them Commercial Account Manager. Together, this team has worked on over 2.7 million square feet of canopy space, and it continues to increase each day.

At GrowGeneration, we are proud to be a team of growing professionals and enthusiasts, committed to sharing our passion with others in our community.



Although cultivating has been a lifelong passion, Jeremy’s professional career started in 2004 when he and his wife opened a hydroponics retail store. With 6 years of prior cultivating experience and knowledge to offer their customers, the store was a success. It was bought out by a competitor that went on to build the largest hydroponics store on the East Coast. The company was acquired by GrowGeneration in 2018 and Jeremy became Vice President of GrowGeneration Management Corp. Jeremy’s vast experience, allows him to confidently consult in: facility designs (lighting, table layout, irrigation, facility work flow, HVAC, building management systems), advising on cultivation techniques, properly forecasting budget needs, and managing a team of knowledgeable staff across the country. Jeremy has worked on over 500,000 square feet of canopy space.

Jeremy lives his life as stated by A.J. Darkholme, “always hear others out and remain open-minded; the day you think you know everything is the day



Laurel Horne is the communicator/organizer for the “Grow-Pro Team” and overall customer service liaison for commercial customers. Her goal is to make sure all client’s needs are being met as effectively and efficiently as possible by all team members. Laurel does this by working to streamline all processes and procedures and then adjusting the course as needed with the feedback from the Grow Pros. She strives to empower the internal team by providing them with the resources they need and the confidence to move ahead in handling all their commercial customer’s needs. Laurel’s drive to find systematic approaches to solve problems and/or prevent them comes from owning and successfully managing two companies (Solar Seed Hydroponics and Fuel Fitness), and her athletic training background (Master of Science in athletic training).

Traveling, spending time with family, and loving her seven dogs are Laurel’s favorite things to do and what motivates her every day.



David has worked in the hydroponics industry for about 8 years. He has helped manage and build multiple GrowGeneration stores, while working exclusively with commercial clients for almost 2 years. David originally broke into the industry at a small store in Tennessee and moved to Colorado in late 2014. He has been growing at various scales for about 13 years and managed approximately 4,000 square feet of canopy space.

David was born in the Northeast, and moved to the South, spending most of his time in Memphis, Tennessee until just about 5 years ago. In his spare time, he likes to go see live music, garden, and enjoy the natural beauty of Colorado. His family has a farm in Mississippi which he tries to visit as often as possible.



Whitney Payne is a native Texan, who in May of 2018, drove across 9 states in 4 days to attempt to join the industry in Washington state. She began her life in Washington by working as Guest Service Representative, Property Maintenance Technician, and Night Auditor in a hotel in the city of Tukwila. Whitney then received a job offer as a Commercial Sales Manager for a small Hydroponic supplier in Tukwila. From this role came an opportunity to become apart of something great; in January of 2019 she graciously accepted a position with GrowGeneration.

She enjoys spending time with her massive beast of a pup and treasured fiancé. On weekends, Whitney seeks adventure and enjoys exploring beaches, rivers, forests, tundra’s, or deserts. When not immersed in adventure, she can be found either enjoying a nice horror movie or deeply enthralled in a pirate novel with a drink in her hand.



Sandra has been working in the industry for several years. She works side by side with Commercial Account Managers to ensure the customers are being provided with exceptional white glove customer service.

Whether it’s tracking on an order or an invoice, Sandra makes sure the customer gets all their information in a timely manner.
Outside the GrowGeneration world, Sandra enjoys hiking the beautiful Rocky Mountains and finding those breathtaking views with her husband.



Shantel, or “Shaq”, is GrowGeneration’s Pueblo West Manager. She worked as a caretaker for 3 years under a local mentor before starting work at Pueblo Hydroponics in 2010, and has since worked under the GrowGeneration name for the past 4 years. Shaq now has 10 years of industry experience and over 10 years of growing expertise and knowledge. Based in Pueblo, Colorado, Shaq consults on many grows in the Southern Colorado region, from Walsenburg to Colorado Springs. Currently, she is working or helping service over 30 grows and dispensaries with over 80,000 sq. ft of canopy space.

She loves dogs, white wine, landscape and cloud photography, as well as thriller novels.



Andrew Harling has been part of the GrowGeneration family since the spring of 2017. Today Andrew’s emphasis is on commercial sales and account management, along with new product development and R&D. Prior to coming on at GrowGeneration, Andrew spent time working as lead grower for a dispensary in Colorado Springs, and spent 6 years managing a large retail hydroponics shop. Over the past 20 years, Andrew has assisted in the construction of countless grows and has experimented with virtually every style of growing imaginable. As a grower, Andrew is particularly interested in hydroponics and has designed indoor grows with all sorts of automated watering and climate control systems. While working as a grower at a dispensary, he was responsible for maintaining all aspects of a grow with 100 flowering lights and 48 veg lamps, as well as handled cloning and propagation for the entire facility.

Andrew considers himself an avid gardener and in his spare time, he enjoys studying classical guitar and spending time with his family.



Sherri hails from San Diego, CA and has been involved with the industry for fourteen years. Sherri began managing a start-up hydroponic shop in Seattle, WA. Sherri holds a Washington State Department of Agriculture Pesticide Dealer/Manager license, allowing her to professionally advise state-authorized facilities on legal fertilizers, pesticides and cleaning agents for their commercial operations. Before joining the GrowGeneration family, she was managing four hydroponic stores across Washington, Oregon and Massachusetts, a social media/events company, a producer/processor facility in Washington. Her extensive knowledge of facility cost analysis, pest management, lighting, HVAC, and nutrient advisement, provides a comprehensive platform of industry knowledge.

Outside of the office, Sherri enjoys supporting the performing arts with her partner, Lisa, and spending time at home with her bearded dragon, Jareth, and her French Bulldog, Harley.



Craig brings 20+ years in the horticulture business, having spent the last 16 as a Territory Manager for Hydrofarm. During that time he has helped to grow numerous horticultural businesses ranging in size from small to large. This experience has helped Craig to hone his client services skills for which he is very proud. Craig’s experience in both the commercial and wholesale distribution channels have made him uniquely qualified to consult on a wide variety of facility design and management issues. The years spent in the horticulture industry have also helped Craig to build an extensive network of contacts which help him serve his clients.

Craig lives in Miami with his wife Amy, his three daughters Amber, April, Alexa and their black lab Hailey. When he isn’t coaching his daughters softball team, Craig and his family can be found fishing and diving, as well as exploring the many unique facets of nature and wildlife in South Florida such as the Everglades and Biscayne Bay.



Josh has been working in the industry for over 11 years. He started in 2009 working for R&M Supply/ CAP Controllers as an outside sales representative servicing Southern and Central California and Las Vegas. In 2012, Josh began working with SolisTek Digital Lighting out of Los Angeles and worked as their National sales manager and commercial sales representative for over 7 years.

Josh is very passionate about the industry and enjoys spending time with family, traveling and gardening.
He also enjoys the outdoors, camping, fishing and playing with his two dogs Ryder and Daisy.



A strong passion for plants and people has led Michael to a variety of experiences in the Michigan hydroponics industry for nearly 10 years.

Michael has been a licensed caregiver in Michigan since 2010 and began working as a hydroponic retail store manager that same year. Working hydro retail while growing offered the advantage of being fully immersed in a community that was actively learning and teaching at the same time. In 2012 Michael took a position with General Hydroponics that would later
provide experience working for other industry leaders.

As a GrowGeneration commercial account manager, Michael is utilizing
his vast experience and expertise to help expand the growing commercial market in Michigan. Michael’s knowledge of products, room design, and growth techniques make him an asset to his customers and GrowGeneration. Born in Texas, Michael has lived in Michigan for more than 35 years.



Sean brings 15+ years of expertise as a master grower, business builder and client service specialist. After graduating college with a double major in business and marketing and five years in corporate America, he left to follow his true calling, entrepreneurship. From the ground up, he built Greenlife Garden Supply, a highly successful hydroponic retail store chain located in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, that operated for 12 years. He has built and supported it all, from efficient, small, high yielding spaces to massive industrial medical facilities exceeding 200,000 square feet. Sean has deep connections within the cannabis community throughout the supply chain and welcomes any opportunity to grow a customer’s dreams.
Sean lives in Boston with his wife and two children. He loves spending time outside, hiking, camping, at the beach and especially teaching his little guys how to dig in the dirt and make
things grow.
The GrowGeneration Commercial Team can assist in the design and implementation of state-of-the-art cultivation facilities. As professionals, we are here to help coordinate and execute the best cultivation facilities while keeping efficiency, budget and workflow in mind. Our team can lead you to a general contractor while continuing to work in conjunction with other professionals such as:
  • Building & Zoning
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • CAD Design
  • Construction & Build-Outs
  • Electricians
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing




The GrowGeneration Commercial Account Managers are here to advise your team and can help determine the best style of cultivation for your operation. 

Each member has extensive cultivating experience, inclusive of the many genres of hydroponics and soil. Our Commercial Account Managers truly shine when determining how to best maximize space in each grow room, taking into consideration lighting, fertigation, irrigation, atmosphere controls, table and benching designs, and harvest schedules.


Our Commercial Account Managers have experience with many styles of lighting from LEDs, HPS, & CMH. Choosing the best light spectrum for your operation is paramount to your success. We have the ability to source products from any manufacturer and work with you to create the best lighting layouts for your facility.


The humidity of a grow room plays a large part in how plants function. It can affect the growth and final yield as well as having implications in the spread of disease, mold, and mildew. It is key to have a thorough understanding of exactly what plants need and how to make sure they receive it. Having the proper HVAC systems and dehumidifiers are crucial to any grow room and will have a profound effect on quality and yield.


One of the best methods for water filtration is a commercial reverse osmosis system. Using reverse osmosis for water filtration is the most economical, efficient, and reliable way to ensure consistently pure water quality used for growing. While some cultivators are lucky enough to enjoy a clean, consistent water source that’s always available, increasingly, that’s not always the case. Heavy metals, pesticides and other kinds of toxic materials are making their way into the water supply. With an intensified regulatory focus on quality and safety, commercial reverse osmosis is becoming a crucial component of crafting a top-shelf, compliant product.


The Commercial Account Managers will assist in determining the best system for your room in order to maximize space.


Allow for an operation to be controlled from one centralized interface. This system ties everything together.


Our Commercial Account Managers can advise on the pros & cons of nutrients that will work best for your growing facility.






The knowledge our team brings to this area is crucial for any successful grow. Our team has access to all the leading brands for supplies, and can help design irrigation layouts, which lead to increased yields, uniform watering, and reduced labor costs.


Fertigation systems have many benefits! They allow you to automate the
mixing of your nutrients, thus decreasing labor costs and human error; some systems can even mix multiple recipes for different cultivation rooms. Fertigation systems alleviate the need for water holding tanks, thus allowing for more cultivation space in your facility. It is best to get advice or discuss your plan with one of our Commercial Account Managers when choosing a fertigation system because of their knowledge and expertise.


Integrated Pest Management systems. Our team will provide you with the best IPM that works with each state’s regulations in order to keep your garden clean.


The knowledge our team brings to this area is crucial for any successful grow. Our team has access to all the leading brands for supplies, and can help design irrigation layouts, which lead to increased yields, uniform watering, and reduced labor costs.

With the fast-paced growth of the industry, it is more important than ever to streamline your process to maximize profit and minimize waste. Our professionals will listen to your needs and help diagnose the best system for your facility as well as coach your team on the best operating procedure for that system.


  • We are offering handpicked machines from the best companies, from shucking to ”clean” extraction equipment.
  • Our Pros are educated on the procedures necessary to diagnose the best method for each customer
  • GrowGeneration Harvest Solutions offers machines that cover the full range of moisture levels required for professional harvesting.


  • We offer on-site and off-site demonstrations to customers at a competitive fee.
  • Our Demos help to educate you on all the latest techniques and assist you in making a more informed purchase.
  • After a Demo or Rental you’ll have 14 days to purchase in order to have the demo price factored into the sale price.



Shortly after moving to Colorado in 2015 Eric began working with a small Denver based company that specialized in leasing and servicing harvesting equipment for the cultivation industry. Steadily over the last several years he has gained a wealth of experience with harvesting machines and automated systems. Eric has become one of the country’s foremost resources on everything harvesting, as well as a leader in customer service. The customer comes first and Eric learned that at an early age in his family’s restaurant. If you do that right, everything else falls into place.

In his spare time Eric likes to trail run with his dog and golf around the beautiful state of Colorado. When the sun goes down he can often be found at the table of a good restaurant.

He said his professional goal is “… to be the Henry Ford of the cultivation


  • We offer consults for our large commercial clients.
  • During your consult our professional staff will listen to your needs and make sure you are set up for success with our tried and true diagnostics.
  • Consults serve to help a client design or redesign their harvest protocol for optimum efficiency.


  • Certified Technicians are trained and promoted by top vendors on the proper maintenance standards and techniques.
  • When you purchase a machine from GrowGeneration your savings have just started. Any repair and all parts for your machine will be at a discount rate for the life of the machine.


  • Purchasing from GrowGeneration comes with many benefits beyond the best price in town. You’ll also get a discount on parts and labor for the life of the machine and a free 30 minute phone consult with our Head of Harvesting.


GrowGen intends to be a grow pioneer’s single-source outfitter for the latest and greatest in top-notch growing products, options, ideas and more.

To that end, we sell and carry private-label organic nutrients, soils, advanced lighting technology, to state-of-the-art hydroponic equipment for use by commercial and home growers.

NUTRIENTS: • Base • PK + Carb • Root • Silica
GUANOS: • Indonesian • Jamaican • Madagasgan • Peruvian • Sumatran
LIGHTING: • 4’ x 4’ Tube Fixture • 4’ x 8’ Tube Fixture
ACCESSORIES: • Ratchets – Smart Support Ultra Hanger
ACCESSORIES: • Reusable Plant Containers – 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 30 gallons
ACCESSORIES: • Measuring Cups – 500 ML, 1,000 ML and 2,000 ML. US and Metric markings.
MEDIA • Coco Perlite • 100% Coco • Coco Perlite


When working with a member of The GrowGeneration Commercial Team, a Commercial Account Manager can come out to your facility and perform a one-time free audit/walk-around, and provide recommendations on how best to maximize yield and lower costs. Our professional staff is here to help with workflow, so you get the most out of your facility. We offer a range of financing options for qualified customers.