Craft Farmer 3/4" Powered Whip Kit

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Craft Farmer 3/4" Powered Whip Kit

Craft Farmer 24V powered filter whip kit. Kit comes with all of the parts to mount off of your manifold. 24V hunter irrigation valve 20 psi pressure regulator Amiad 130 micron filter Cam locks All Netafim Techlock connectors for a rectangle or square table: tecklock connector to PVC (2) tech lock Elbows (2) techlock Ts 1 Netafim flush valve. This kit also comes with table mount (3” Unistrut) and 3/4” clamp. YOU MUST HAVE A TROLMASTER AQUA X Package to use power whipped kits or other electronic irrigation controller system. This comes with 1 table kit, extras are SOLD SEPERATE. Please know your sizing before purchasing.

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