Grower's Choice Master Pursuit 1000 Watt CMH Grow Light System 208/277 Volt with Dual CMH Bulbs


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Grower's Choice Master Pursuit 1000 Watt CMH Grow Light System 208/277 Volt with Dual CMH Bulbs

BrandGrower's Choice
Input Voltage208-277v
Introducing the MASTER PURSUIT series 1000-watt CMH grow light system: Industrial-Grade power with dual ultra high efficiency 500-watt Ceramic Metal Halide lamps. Delivers DEEP canopy penetration with broad-true full horticultural spectrum from top to the very bottom. Focus-designed for flowering plants and bio-engineered to replicate and harness the full brilliance of the sun. Enables growers to mix spectral color levels for optimal development for each stage of growth.

Re-Strike of Hot Lamp after Mains Failure-uses a timed re-strike system that prevents the ballast from re-striking a hot lamp after a power failure. If a hot lamp is detected the re-strike will be delayed for 60 second intervals until the lamp has cooled sufficiently to be re-ignited.


Automatic Frequency Adjustment-The GC Series Digital Ballast automatically adjusts its output frequency to maintain a constant output regardless of input power fluctuations and ageing lamps. This also prevents 'lamp flicker'.


Full Circuit Protection-a sophisticated software controlled circuit breaking system that is not seen in other manufacturer's ballasts. The system protects against a series of faults including: Open Circuit Protection Short Circuit Protection Over Voltage Protection Under Voltage Protection and Over Temperature Protection. On Ignition the ballast performs a 3 second test of the circuit and in the event of a fault the ballast will go into protection mode to avoid damage to the ballast and lamp.


Running Temperature-This unique case design acts as a superior heat sink making the ballast extremely cool running without the need for internal fans.


RF Shielding-with Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 10% meaning it will not interfere with television or radio equipment.


Silent Operation-The GC Series Digital Ballast has no noisy internal fans and is completely silent in operation.


High Energy Efficiency-GC Series Digital Ballast is up to 30% more efficient than standard magnetic ballast producing more lumens of light per watt of consumed energy. Efficiency does not diminish and is maintained for the entire life of the unit.

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