"Armed with industry leading professional consultants that are here to help manage any size project."


Founded in 2014, in Denver, CO, GrowGeneration is currently the largest hydroponic retail supplier in the country with 60+ retail and distribution garden centers. We carry and sell thousands of products, such as organic nutrients and soils, advanced lighting technology and state of the art hydroponics equipment used by commercial and home growers. Our commercial team is armed with industry leading professional consultants that are here to help manage any size project. Each Commercial Account is assigned a dedicated Account Manager, Customer Service Representative, and Quoting Specialist. The team of professional consultants offers a one-stop shop for all your cultivation needs from seed to harvest, including turnkey facility designs, cultivation room designs, and on-site project consultations. Along with superior service capabilities, we are here to help you increase yields, lower production costs and increase the productivity of any cultivation facility.

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Best in Class Product Solutions

Our partner brands provide the best products in the industry for all of your cultivation needs. Exclusive deals for lighting, vertical racking & benching, nutrients, growing media, environmental controls, water filtration, fertigation, extraction, harvesting, automation, and more are available to fit the needs of any cultivation facility.

One-Stop-Shop For All Your Cultivation Needs

When working with your GrowGeneration Account Manager, you will be able to consolidate all purchasing from one company and truly take advantage of the one-stop-shop strategy. This is just one of the many instances that separates GrowGeneration from the competition.

Get Drop-Ship Delivery

Get what you need faster, and for a better cost with GrowGeneration's drop-ship delivery. To cut down on lead times and certain shipping costs, we can offer drop-ship orders directly to your facility from our supplier’s warehouses to streamline the entire logistics process.

Industry Leading Consultants

Every one of our Account Managers will be available to visit your facility in person and provide free on-site consultations. This will consist of a complete walk through and review of your location from the ground up. Our team will be sure to discuss a true seed to harvest plan.

Commercial Pricing

GrowGeneration has direct partnerships with the top industry brands and companies. Our commercial team can offer exclusive manufacturer direct pricing. Make sure to speak with your Account Manager to receive more information on our exclusive deals.

Turnkey Facility Design

Our experience and knowledge of cultivation best practices save you time, money, and many frustrations. We are here to help coordinate and execute the best cultivation facility while keeping efficiency, budget, and workflow in mind. Our team will help with building, engineering, CAD design, electricians, HVAC, plumbing, and more.

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