Agron x GrowGen

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Agron and have combined forces.

This merger marks the beginning of our journey to create the best customer experience the industry could imagine. All of us at GrowGeneration welcome you to the team. You are invited to join our next chapter of superior service, selection and professional solutions... big or small. Welcome to GrowGeneration.

If you have an account with Agron, all you need to do is create a password and sign-in with the same email address you used on

Did you say commercial buildout? Industrial design?

At whatever stage your next build out is in, GrowGeneration has the expertise and resources to tackle any sized project. From lighting design, to fertigation, to full greenhouse design and build, our GrowPro's can help you find the absolute best deal on the perfect solution. Call us at (800) 935-8420, or for bulk orders and large grow operations - Request a Quote.


  1. -10%
    Ion LED XR 830w PRO 120v-277v
    Regular Price $1,199.38 Special Price $1,079.45
  2. -30%
    Free Shipping
    Power Si Silicic Acid 5 Liter
    Regular Price $950.00 Special Price $665.00
  3. -50%
    Char Coir 100% RHP Certified Coco Coir, 50 L
    Regular Price $40.37 Special Price $20.02
  4. -53%
    Ion Clone LED 36w - 2 strips
    Regular Price $108.33 Special Price $50.99
  5. -46%
    DuraBreeze Lite Carbon Filter 12" x 40" 1700 cfm
    Regular Price $369.99 Special Price $199.92
  6. -77%
    Blueprint BAC-2 Environmental Controller w/ Fuzzy Logic
    Regular Price $624.99 Special Price $144.36
  7. -11%
    Pioneer 4' x 8 Tube T5 Fixture with Grow Tubes
    Regular Price $265.00 Special Price $234.60