Episode 10: How To Clean and Disinfect Your Grow


Gard’ N Clean is an amazing product that keeps your workspace and cultivation clean so your co-workers and plants can carry on with their lives in a clean environment amidst the COVID 19 pandemic. Gard’ N Clean has a 3-pronged approach to disinfecting your cultivation site of almost every known pathogen known to man. The big key to take away from this video is that the Gard N Clean formula is based off a 99.99% pure Chlorine Dioxide. This is a pure substance with one purpose; “kill the bad stuff but don’t hurt the good stuff”. The main difference in Gard N Clean and other disinfectants is that it is simply chlorine dioxide transported by H20. Almost all commons disinfectants are slurry of chemicals, some of which are not good for you or your plants. It is as simple as that.

The first prong in the GnC line of defense is the liquid form. This liquid can be diluted into a spray bottle and used to clean any reachable surface. The Pure CIO2 is effective against a wide variety of microorganisms including Covid-19. Its impossible for even the nastiest pathogen to build up any kind of tolerance to GnC. If it gets on your person or your precious plant, do not fret, the low corrosive nature of GnC will not harm you or your crop. This is possible because GnC is the worlds only selective oxidizer which means it has high oxidation potential but a low oxidation strength. This simply means it cleans a surface without damaging the material or your skin.

Phase two of this system, the Extended Release, is a humidity activated ClO2 generator that deodorizes your workspace. The product can be activated and left in the room while you work. It will immediately get to work on eliminating odors and the possibility of cross contaminations of odors.

Phase three is the Fast Release. This is coupe de grace for any micro organism hiding in the nooks and crannies of your cultivation. The fast release is a dry gas fumigation with a very, very, very small micron size. That means it can get to all the places the liquid cannot. Once released into the room it begins to attack any non-sealed or porous material, ducting, electrical housing etc. This product is most effective when coupled with the liquid form to ensure that every nanometer of your grow is pathogen free.

The cliff notes are this: Gard N Clean is a safe, effective way for you and your team to sanitize and deodorize your cultivation site and have a better peace of mind when working during these trying times. Oh, and its readily available unlike other common disinfectants found in your local grocer or hardware store. So stop by a Grow Generation near you and pick up your Gard N Clean kit today and tomorrow you can get back to work and feel sure you are doing your best to protect your employees and plants.