Episode 2: How to Clean and Use Your Twister T4 Trimmer

If you find yourself asking these questions, fear not. These are some of the most common questions customers have when they unbox a brand-new Twister Trimmer for the first time. In this video, Eric Singleton visits his local Twister rep to answer those questions and more in this quick and easy tutorial. Check out Episode 2 of the Grow Pro Channel, powered by GrowGeneration.

The new Twister T4 comes equipped with a variable speed motor, which is a huge improvement from the previous design. Being able to control the speed of the tumbler and blades makes the Twister T4 one of the most versatile harvesting machines on the market. You can now adjust your settings to accommodate varying strain characteristics, moisture levels, and flower density. The T4 is capable of trimming the widest moisture spectrum from wet (right off the plant), semi dry (10-18%), and even dry (10-7%).

The Twister T4 has 6 different speed settings to allow maximum control of your harvest. The blade can be sped up to a maximum of 1875RPM to ensure optimum blade contact or slowed down to 980RPM for a gentle cut on flowers with less dense structure. The tumbler can be slowed down to 47RPM for those looking to extract the large sweet leaf post-harvest or can be sped up to 96RPM for the tightest possible trim. The addition of the Trim Saver is a no brainer for anyone considering extracting the byproduct. The vortex cone ensures that your precious sweet leaf never touches another blade after the initial cut. This leaves you with a near hand trim quality byproduct that, with proper drying and curing, will yield a golden stable extraction.

A single T4 can produce 23lbs/hr of wet flower and 7lbs/hr of dry flower. You can easily boost these numbers by simply adding a second or third unit in tandem to your original machine, giving you a big increase in production. Once you have 2 or more machines in line, the Twister Feed and Quality Control Conveyor are essential to avoid bottle necking in your workflow.

 But don’t get “harvest happy” and forget to show your hard-working machines some love. It’s important to clean your Twister T4 at the first signs of build -up on the tumbler and blades to ensure your cut stays consistent and the machines last a long time. Follow the step by step process shown in the video for breakdown and clean your machines in minutes and get back to work.

For effective cleaning you will need the following tools:

What about tuning my T4? Don’t worry, we saved the most important tip for last. Tuning the T4 is simple but not very intuitive for a first-time user. As Eric discusses in the video, you want a good and even blade contact between the reel blade and bed knife. Just like how a good pair of scissors make a “shiiiick” noise upon closing, you want to hear a light blade contact on your Twister. Because the blades are spinning at such a fast rpm, this may seem loud but we promise that is the best way to ensure the tightest cut. You accomplish this by starting with no contact with the blade running and slowly adjusting the two tuning dials one at a time until you hear/feel a light contact on both sides of the bed-knife. This process will have to be repeated each time you put the machine back together after cleaning and will become easier each time you do it.

The Twister product line is the answer for the 21st century harvester. With a full line of products ranging in scale from the home hobbyist to the largest commercial grows in the world, Twister is the benchmark for effective and reliable harvesting equipment. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a Grow Generation Harvest Specialist if you have any question about operating, repairing or purchasing a Twister unit by simply calling (877) 978-1119.  Thanks for tuning in and make sure to check out our other videos to learn more about the products you need to grow like a pro.