Episode 4: The Best Soils for Your Grow

In Episode 4 we discuss the different types of growing media available to you, the customer, and how to decide on which style of growing best suits your growing goals. Eric Singleton visits with Andrew Harling to have an introductory conversation to the world of “dirt”.

When deciding on what type of growing media you want to you use, you need to ask yourself one question: How much time and attention do I have to give my crop? Do you want a media that is fully charged with micro and macro nutrients or do you want to add your own custom nutrient schedule? Once you’ve made this decision it will help you narrow down your choices.

The 3 main categories of Soil are: Organic Potting Soil, Peat Moss, and Coco

In the first section of the video Andrew and I discuss Organic Potting Soils. First, they discuss the beginner-friendly Happy Frog Potting Soil and Light Warrior Seed starter. You would start your seeds in the Light Warrior that is rich in beneficial microbes and worm castings to help your roots build the best possible structure. Once your roots are set, typically 5-7 days, you will move your flowers into a larger pot rich in macronutrients. Enter Happy Frog Potting Soil, a macronutrient rich media built to carry your plants through propagation to the vegetative state which typically last 2-3 weeks. Your next step would be to transplant your plants into a nutrient charged soil like Ocean Forest. Ocean forest has enough nutrients to carry your plant all the way to flower. Once in the flower state and your soil has been exhausted of its nutrients you’ll need to begin subbing in some additional nutrients throughout the flowering stage.

Organic potting soils are great for the first-time grower or a grower that doesn’t have the time to build and maintain a custom nutrient schedule. Organic potting soils are perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor grows alike. In most cases you can simply add water to the already charged media. This is great for the home hobbyist as well as the large commercial grower.

The next option is Peat Moss. Peat moss is a natural media excavated from bogs that are 1000’s of years old. This media is completely inert, meaning it doesn’t have nutrients built in. If you simply add water to peat moss with no additional nutrients, your flowers will die. Peat Moss is built for the user that wants maximum control of their crop and can add their own custom organic or synthetic nutrient line. Peat Moss also has a high porosity allowing water and nutrients to be pushed through at a custom rate and frequency which directly affect the growth potential of your crop.

Andrew and Eric also cover a hybrid of Coco and Peat Moss. Peat/Coco blends are a cost effective and sustainable solution for a grower that wants all the customizable benefits of Peat Moss without sacrificing porosity. However, Peat/Coco mixes like Mother Earth Coco Peat do come with a starter charge of nutrients to give your little plant a leg up on its growth cycle. As Andrew says, it also passes on the earthiness to your end flower in the same way Pro Mix does but with added cost savings.

Your third choice is a growing media derived from the fiber of coconuts, simply known as coco. We cover three main brands in this section, each with their own take on the coco media. Canna Coco, one our most popular brands in this category is adaptable to any nutrient schedule but is ideally paired with Canna Coco Nutrient Lines. Mother Earth has the addition of Perlite, which adds porosity and increased drainage for a more aggressive feed rate. Then you have Bush Doctor which is a well charged coco media that can carry your up to a month into veg by simply adding water. Coco media is very popular with hydro, flood and rain, and drip irrigation systems.

As Eric says in the closing of the video, choosing the right soil is a very crucial step in the future of your cultivation site; don’t take it lightly. Grow Generation has a nationwide staff of commercial account managers and category experts ready and willing to help you make the right decision that will get you moving towards success. So call a Grow Pro today and ask them “ Which Soil is Best for Me?”