Episode 8: SunLeaves Nutrient Lineup

Grow Generation is very proud to present our very first in-house product: the SunLeaves Nutrient Lineup. This brand-new line of nutrients was developed in house by our very own Grow Wizard, Andrew Harling. We decided to cut out all the fancy packaging and bring you a nutrient regiment that is flexible and affordable while still delivering the science your plants need for optimum growth. This 4-part system can be used as a stand-alone system or substituted in to your current regiment. The PK+ Carb and Base come in powder form, making mixing easier and extending the shelf life as well as making shipping costs much more affordable for large commercial orders.

Here’s a quick run down of the 4 products:

-Base: Our Base has an 8-5-13 NPK that is rich in Calcium and Magnesium to help prevent common deficiencies. This water-soluble powder makes mixing and storing easier than ever.

-PK+Carb: Our PK-Carb bloom booster has a 0-25-15 NPK. This water-soluble powder comes packed with additional simple and complex carbohydrates to help your garden produce bigger yields and better aromas.

-Root: Our Root, derived from plant extracts, comes packed with amino acids and protein hydrolysate to promote vigorous production of new roots while helping your garden maintain a healthy rhizosphere.

-Silica: Our Silica is a Pre-stabilized Mono-silicic acid that is immediately available for uptake at the roots and won’t spike your PH.

Reach out to sales@growgeneration.com to inquire about our trial program so you can test out our new line up and start saving money today.