Episode 6 : Fluence LED Grow Lights - Best in the industry?

Fluence Lighting does not take light for granted. In fact, they dove headfirst down the rabbit hole. They have battled through algorithms, spectrums, micromoles, and diodes only to come out the other side with the most efficient, effective and science driven lighting system on the market.

As you will hear multiple times in this video, the defining characteristic of Fluence Lighting is the research and design that goes into their products. Which is only second to their superior customer support. What that means is that you aren’t just buying a light that was rushed to market; you’re getting a product that was built on data and science. You aren’t left just holding a receipt - the Fluence team will help you set up and maintain your investment as long as you still have breath in you lungs.

Let’s touch on the science of fluence lighting. What makes them so different? For starters, Fluence lighting is a full spectrum light, meaning one lighting system can carry you plant from its vegetative state all the way to flower. If mounted properly, 6-8 inches above the canopy, Fluence lights are some of the most efficient on the market by delivering the most available light to your canopy. This means no wasted watts, which translates to no wasted money. This allows the red diode heavy light to help trigger your plant into flowering once you have altered the photo period. They also serve to help your plant express its morphogenetic expression of its genetic characteristics. In laments terms it lets your flower grow to the best of its genetic ability. It can affect potency, alkaloid profile, and ratios of active cannabinoids.

Another huge benefit of LED lighting is the return on investment. Yes, LED lights cost more than their competitors. But you must look at the big picture. With an LED set up you no longer have the reoccurring cost of bulb replacement. You reduce your labor costs that go into replacing the bulbs and as I point out in the video, this also has an environmental kick back. You’re reducing the amount of heat in the room which, in turn, reduces the strain put on your environmental controls and reduces waste. I’m not going to go on a rant but everything we can do as an industry to build a more sustainable business model will get us closer to becoming a shining example of large commercial scale business effectively reducing our carbon footprint. Because of this energy efficiency, your company can also apply for rebates from your state for using LED lighting. So, you’re not only helping the environment, you’re being rewarded for it.

            Overall, it’s safe to say that LED lighting is the future and Fluence is the Louis and Clark of their market. But don’t take my word for it, PLEASE. I’m just the guy in the videos and its my job to tell you what we think is best. I encourage you to spend some time on www.Fluence.science to see how much tech and testing goes into create these amazing lights. If you don’t like information from the horse’s mouth, I encourage you to reach out to our on Josh Armitage ( josha@growgeneration.com ) who is our in house lighting expert and has spent nearly two decades working with all the major lighting companies that have come and gone over the years. His word on what is best for your set up is as good as gold.