Episode 1: GreenBroz Model M Trimmer Review

Green Broz is a company that holds themselves to a very high standard. They believe dry trimming is the best method of trimming to preserve potency, natural shape, and an overall quality patient experience. I’m sure you’ve seen their Green Broz 215 in work before and the now discontinued 420 Dry Trimmer, just a larger version of the 215 model. Personally, I’ve had a few issues with these models.

 I can honestly say that no one in this country has more hands-on experience repairing and cleaning these machines than myself. The one issue I had with these older models is that they were impossible to clean in any acceptable amount of time. There were creases and corners everywhere; and the plastic shell could never be truly sanitized due to its rough texture. The electrical components were housed inside the machine making repairs difficult and high temp/high pressure saturation impossible, which is what is needed for a true deep clean.

The Model M is a machine built for not just the present but the future of the industry as well. The plastic shell as been ripped away and replaced with food grade stainless steel and any component that touches the flower is made of surgical steel. Unlike the early generation Green Broz trimmers with their fixed components, the Model M can be completely disassembled in a matter of minutes. Those internal power units have been moved to a detachable housing. All those creases and corners that drove me insane have been replaced with smooth rivets and flowing curves that Howard Hughes, himself, would be proud of. The combination of these improvements means the Green Broz Model M Dry Trimmer is one of the few machines in this industry that can be truly sanitized to prevent cross contamination between strains.

I highly recommend cleaning early and often, as build up on the bottom blade can damage the machine and compromise the performance. After each cleaning a light application of Resin Clear to the center hub’s Teflon ring will ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

What you need to clean the Model M Dry Trimmer:

While the 215 dry trimmer is still ideal for small home grows, the Model M was designed for the commercial market. Capable of trimming 8-12 dry pounds per hour this machine can truly change the productivity of your harvest team overnight. The variable speed blades can be adjusted from 1-25 revolutions per minute. A lower revolution speed is great for those airy sativas and you can crank it up to higher speeds for those dense indicas. This adjustment is crucial for dialing in the perfect recipe per strain. Green Broz machines require your flower to be trimmed at a moisture level below 8.5%. The easiest way to test to see if your flower is ready to go in the machine is to perform a quick finger trim. If the flower flakes off easily then you’re ready to trim.

Automation is the future of harvesting in our industry and Green Broz has end to end solutions to ensure workflow is kept at an optimal rate. You can use the Green Broz Sorter for consistent flower size in your packaging process. The Cannagin makes stripping the flower off its stalks efficient and consistent. Do you have a use for perfect angel blond kief? The Alchemist 215 and Alchemist 420 are the perfect gentle extractors to separate those trichomes from the perfect trim left over after harvest. There are conveyor systems in the works to make sure your employees take as few steps as possible, saving time to focus on the task at hand… getting your product from the cultivation site to the patients at the counter.

We hope you enjoyed Episode 1 where we visit The Clinic to showcase the new Model M Dry Trimmer from Green Broz. Be sure to tune in for more episodes on the latest and greatest products offered by Grow Generation. If you liked what you saw in this video don’t hesitate to call a Grow Generation Store near you and ask to speak with a Harvest Specialist to schedule a demo or purchase a Green Broz product. (877) 978-1119