Episode 3: How to Clean - GreenBroz 215 Trimmer

So, following that logic, why do so many of you run your Green Broz 215 Dry Trimmer into the ground? Why do you let build-up get to a point on the bottom blade that it warps the very expensive top blade? The answer is two-fold: First and foremost, many of you get “harvest happy”. “Harvest Happy” is a condition that affects many harvesters in this industry. You’re under the gun, you’re behind schedule, the temporary trimmers you foolishly hired didn’t show up and you need to get your product harvested as fast as possible. The first thing that goes out the window is proper practices and procedures.

The second reason your trimming machine gets neglected is because no one took the time to show you how to clean it efficiently. Well, we can’t fix the first problem but we can certainly fix the second one.  In Episode 3 of the Grow Pro series Eric Singleton shows you how to clean the Green Broz 215 Dry Trimmer in a few simple steps using tools you can pick up at any hardware store. Eric has thousands of hours of experience cleaning these machines and if you follow his steps, you’ll see that taking the time to clean early and often isn’t that hard. It will ensure you get a full life out of your machine and a better trim on your flower.

Here are the tools you’ll need to clean a Green Broz 215 Dry Trimmer:

  • A power drill with circular wire brush
  • A paint scraper with a sharp edge
  • Steel Wool
  • Enzyme Komplete
  • A few shop towels
  • A stiff bristled brush

One of the main contributing factors that leads to a gummed-up machine is trimming at too high of a moisture level. Green Broz requires your flower be trimmed at a moisture level below 8.5%; anything higher and you’ll simply be wasting your time and potentially damaging your crop. If your flower can be easily finger trimmed, then it is ready for the Green Broz 215. You’ll still have to clean the machine even if you are at the correct moisture level. I recommend cleaning on the hour, every hour but some strains are stickier than others.

The cue you want to look for to know when its time to clean is a consistent light green build up on the bottom blade. If you catch the problem at this stage cleaning is much faster and simpler. You can accomplish the task with just some steel wool, Enzyme Komplete, a towel and a few minutes of elbow grease. Let it go any further and you’ll have to break out the more powerful tools. Its also helpful to have additional Top Blades, Paddles and Brushes for the 215 so you can use a “Formula 1” system of replacing the dirty parts with clean ones and get back to work while the dirty blade is being cleaned.

So, make sure whoever is running your 215 Dry Trimmer watches this video. If it could talk, your flower would thank you. We are always here for our customers and support is free with any purchase of Green Broz products through Grow Generation. Any time you have a question just call and a GROW PRO will be there to help you harvest more efficiently.