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GrowGeneration House Brand Product Lines


GrowGeneration has been working hard on acquiring and developing our brand new 2021 house brand product lines. These proprietary products cover all stages of growing. They're top quality and are more cost effective that competing product lines. Stop by a GrowGeneration location today to learn more about our offerings.

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CharCoir Bagged Coco Products

CharCoir knows that a clean, high quality medium is essential for optimal plant growth. CharCoir's CocoCoir is the highest grade coco available. All of their products are produced in-house by their facility, and not outsourced, to ensure consistency and quality. Many protocols have been implemented with the grower's success in mind. Each batch comes with a chemical analysis available to the client and serves as a testament to our quality control standards.

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CharCoir Compressed Coco Cube and BioPots

Coco coir is an organic product derived from processing coconut husks from coconut trees grown in tropical and subtropical areas. The processing of coco husks to obtain coco coir involves a series of steps including aging, washing, rinsing, buffering, drying, grinding, grading, and compressing. These steps are necessary to change the physical and chemical characteristics of coco coir so that it is suitable for plant growing.

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