Reduce Long-Term Operating Costs in Your Grow Facility with LED Lighting!

 LED lights do tend to cost about $60-$90 more per square foot of canopy than more traditional grow lights, but these systems use much less energy over time and need to be replaced less frequently. If you choose to install cheaper fixtures in your grow facility to save money up front, it will end up leaving you with higher monthly utility bills and the need to constantly replace bulbs 

LED vs. DE Grow Lights 

As shown in the chart below, while an LED light fixture has a higher upfront cost than a DE grow light, it requires no bulb replacements and uses much less energy over time. This makes it possible to reduce your five-year operating costs by 21.5%! 

LED vs. CMH Grow Lights 

Similar to DE lights, a CMH lighting fixture has a lower initial cost but will end up requiring hundreds of dollars in bulb replacements over time. LED lights also use less energy for a 21.5% decrease in operating costs over five years! 

How Can LED Lighting Technology Impact Sustainability in Cannabis? 

Implementing LED lights in your grow not only reduces long-term operating costs, but can also improve sustainability in your facility. Why is this so important? 

As more consumers have access to legal cannabis nationwide, the demand for product is rapidly increasing—which means the industry’s energy demands are rapidly increasing as well. Did you know lighting is one of the most energy-intensive aspects of the cannabis cultivation process? It’s true! The 2018 Cannabis Energy Report found that legal cannabis cultivation in the U.S. alone consumes 1.1 million megawatt-hours (MWh) annually—the equivalent of 92,500 homesAs more states continue to pass legislation for both medical and recreational cannabis, this number is projected to increase 162% by 2022. 

GrowGeneration’s Advancements in LED Lighting Technology 

At GrowGeneration, we've been busy working on the newest innovations in LED lighting technology. This makes it possible for our customers to make their own grows more sustainable while reducing operational costs and increasing yields! 

The ION suite of light systems utilizes GrowGeneration’s balanced spectrum and 3K Horticultural Full Phase Spectrum. The 720W LED light is able to deliver nearly the same light output as a 1000W High Intensity Discharge Lamp—while reducing electrical usage and HVAC costs by nearly 40%. This means growers can optimize yields while saving on long-term operational costs and reducing their ecological footprint! 

Boost Savings and Sustainability in Your Grow Facility with ION LED Lighting Fixtures from GrowGen! 

With ION LED lights, growers can experience full control over their crops, reduced electrical usage, and lower HVAC costs. This means long-term savings and sustainability! 

If you're ready to achieve higher plant quality without higher operating expenses, you can shop ION LED lights now—exlusively at GrowGeneration! To learn more about this huge step forward in LED lighting technology, check out our video here