Take Control of your Grow with Total Grow Control

Total Grow Control, a Houston, TX engineering and manufacturing company, offers highly reliable Nutrient Delivery Systems and Water Filtration Solutions. Industrial grade state of the art Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) control systems and software help automate and attain high efficiencies, consistency and uniformity to all size growers. "Eden", our complete ecosystem control and monitoring system, offers a comprehensive and easy to use customer interface that communicates not only with our systems but also with your existing atmospheric controls and lighting systems. Eden has remote access capability and distributive architecture providing a superior solution in the industry.

*Transcription* Take Control of Your Grow Wih Total Grow Control

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[0:05] Narrator: Total Grow Control is a complete automation system that allows you to monitor and control every aspect of your cultivation facility. 

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[0:17] Narrator: Their comprehensive, easy-to-use interface enables any grower to take total control of their ecosystem from a state-of-the-art, programable logic controller in the facility or remotely from any phone or tablet.

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[0:32] Narrator: Dial in your ideal nutrient mix and schedule a delivery to your plant.

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[0:40] Narrator: Take control of your water filtration with the site-specific customized RO system.

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[0:48] Narrator: Adjust the brightness of your lights and set automated lighting schedules for individual grow rooms. 

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[0:56] Narrator: Monitor your ecosystem with custom sensors and adjust your temperatures and CO2 levels accordingly.

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[1:04] Narrator: Record the data of each grow cycle to ensure consistent, quality results.

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[1:10] Griffin: We use Total Grow Control to automate our-our grow facility here. 

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[1:15] Griffin: Total Grow Control has been a huge help in maintaining efficiency and helping us produce a high quality and consistent product. 

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[1:25] Javier: The TGC system has helped us improve and overall environmental health of the plants and reduces the impact of any plauge, fungi, or mites, or any pests that will build up into the area. 

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[1:41] Shannon: The TGC system is has allowed us to fully customize our growth to fit and maximize our yield for our plants.

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[1:50] David: A lot easier being able to actually go to the TGC system and see everything, pretty much, as far as temperature, what’s been fed the day before, and just the easy format on the system itself.

[2:03] Shannon: I have the ability to remotely access the TGC system from anywhere as long as I’ve got access to internet on my phone. 

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[2:13] Griffin: Total Grow Control has been a huge help in maintaining efficiency and helping us create a consistent high quality product that, I’m not sure any other system would be able to do.

[2:23] Narrator: The TGC team works with facility owners to create a customized layout that fits their unique growing needs. 

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[2:30] Narrator: TGC offers unparalleled customer service and will always be available to solve any problem and answer every question. Take total control of your cultivation with Total Grow Control.

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