The Largest Hydroponics Stores in Southern California


GrowGeneration opened two new hydroponic garden centers to serve the largest hydroponic market in the country, Los Angeles County, California. These locations become the 11th and 12th locations in Southern California. These two stores, the largest hydroponic garden centers in Southern California, positions GrowGen to sell to the highest concentration of commercial indoor cannabis growers in California. The downtown LA location is 52,000-square foot, with a full soil yard and over 30 parking spots where growers can conveniently shop and access the largest selection of hydroponic equipment and supplies. Additionally, our 70,000 square foot location, near the ports of Long Beach, will help expand private label business operating as a distribution center for our West region locations. GrowGen is defining the next generation of garden centers, with the largest selection, best service and grow professionals, to deliver solutions for all types of growers.