Iluminar C-Hanger for CMH 315 1 pair with bolts

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Iluminar C-Hanger for CMH 315 1 pair with bolts

The ILUMINAR C-Hangers are easy to install as well as UNISTRUT compatible. UNISTRUT is quickly becoming the industry standard for grow lights in commercial facilities. It’s a quick and straightforward lighting installation solution. ILUMINAR created efficient C-hanger mounting hardware so that any of the ILUMINAR grow lights can be connected into the UNISTRUT system. This durable mounting equipment can be installed quickly and easily to the top of any grow light and it will allow the fixture to be mounted in any grow facility that is currently set up with UNISTRUT systems. The C-Hanger mounting hardware is the fastest and most affordable solution to your commercial UNISTRUT grow facility.
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Brand Iluminar
Width 9
Height 6
Length 18
Weight 1.000000
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