Technaflora MagiCal, 250 L

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Technaflora MagiCal, 250 L

As an addition to your regular feeding program, MagiCal is a highly enriched formulated blend of magnesium, calcium, and iron that promotes vigorous plant growth. It also supports protein synthesis, provides nutrients to maintain a high starch content in crops, improves the yield of fruit, creates lush and greener foliage, and helps maintain a vigorous root system.

This product will work with any premium brand of nutrients. It s designed for hydroponics, soil, and soilless gardens. Often, gardens are deficient in magnesium and calcium supplementation may be precisely what your plants need.

Completely soluble and clear of any sediment, MagiCal will mix with ease into any solution, providing an instantly available source of required nutrients.

Features and Benefits
A great supplement; MagiCal is easily added to a regular fertilization program
Extremely concentrated, highly soluble, and chemically stable, MagiCal works in conjunction with any premium brand of nutrient
Enhances growth and vigor of leaves and flowers and fruits
Rapidly corrects Ca and Mg nutrient-related deficiencies
Increases overall crop yield by improving cellular structure
Suitable to hydroponic, soil, and soilless gardens

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