Nanolux DE Dual Fixture (600x2) NCCS 208/240v

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We have split our 1200W DE Fixture into two 600W outlets. The DE 600x2 Fixture will run both standard DE HPS lamp plus our fully jacketed DE MH lamp. The dual 600 DE fixture provides a spectrum that is unmatched by any other HID technology currently on the market. This fixutre provides a very comprehensive spectrum while pumping out up to 1260W of th the most powerful light.

Use any combination of DE lamps to create the spectrum you desire! This fixture is commerical grate so its design quality and durability is second to none. The Nanolux DE 600x2 Fixture is NCCS App ready. Optimized lens for a 5'x5' area. Recommonded mounting height is 36"-48" above canopy. Recommonded spacing is 60" or a 5' on center grid pattern. Always be sure to have the layout of bulbs the same for each fixture. For example HPS lamp in right socket and MH lamp in left socket. This is done in order to ensure proper mixing of spectrual output. Fixture comes with MaxPar DE 600W HPS Hamp and a Double Jacketed M axPar DE MH 600W 6k lamp.

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