NanoLux LEDzx 630 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light


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NanoLux LEDzx 630 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Brand Nanolux
Input Voltage 120-277v
Width 48
Height 4
Length 48
Wattage 630w
LED Style Bar
Weight 24.000000
Nanolux LEDzx fixture is designed to be light weight and compact. This fixture is foldable for easy handling. LEDzx F630 fixture allow random start, soft start, soft dimming capabilities, and features over temperature protection, under voltage protection and open / short circuit protec- tion. Fixture is 0-l0V COMPATIBLE, allowing control of your lighting with 0-l0V protocol. The units can be used at any voltage range between l00-277 volts. Features smart digital control. If one or several bars fail, life of other bars and the power supply will not be affected. IP65 rated. 2.7 umol/j for a total of l700 umol

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