LTL CO2GEN 10 burner propane high altitude

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LTL CO2GEN 10 burner propane high altitude

There are 2 distinct types of LTL Controls 10 Burner CO2 Generators available those for Propane and those for Natural Gas. You can then choose between High Altitude (above 5 000 ft) and Low Altitude (below 5 000 ft) models of each. All generators come with the correct regulator and hose along with pre-installed clean-burning brass burners. Both units are equipped with features like a safety tip-over switch which automatically turns off the unit if it tips over or falls an electronic ignition with dual redundant solenoid valves which eliminates the open pilot flame and makes these generators twice as safe as others on the market.

The 10 Burner Generator features a variable output giving you the ability to activate and deactivate certain burners so the generator can run with 2 burners 6 burners or the full 10.

Cubic Feet CO2 Per Hour: 6 - 27
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Width 12
Brand LTL
Height 23
Length 17
Weight 44.690000
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