Fluence SPYDR 2p 632W LED Grow Light

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SPYDR 2p is a full-cycle top lighting solution for commercial cannabis cultivation with the power to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom. For optimal results we recommend SPYDR 2p deployed in environments with C02 supplementation between 800-1400 ppm in reproductive growth stage due to high PPFD levels. SPYDR 2p builds on the previous generations SPYDRx PLUS performance.

Fluence recommends mounting SPYDR 2p fixtures 6- above the top of your canopy to guarantee optimal light uniformity penetration and flux density above a 4x4 canopy.

SPYDR 2p fixtures are suitable for operation in still air ambient temperatures from -10C (-23F) to 35C (95F). SPYDR 2p operating temperatures range between 25C (77F) and 30C (86F) above ambient air temperature. Please note; when mounting SPYDR fixtures a 1 inch gap or greater must be present between the top of the fixture and the surface it is mounted under to enable adequate air flow.

Designed and built in Austin TX. Anodized extruded aluminum alloy chassis with integrated heatsink for longevity and passive natural convection thermal management that require no fans or moving components.

PPF: 1600 mol/s
Efficacy: 2.5 mol/J
Input Power: 645W

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