Grower's Choice ROI-E420 LED Grow Light

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The ROI-E420 is controllable with Grower s Choice Master Controllers and is compatible with all quality master controllers. Cultivators can set the fixture to turn off and on at desired times, program sunrise/sunset settings, program dimming options and set protective fail safes to dim or turn off fixtures in the event of excessive room temperatures, such as in the event of HVAC failure, potential saving gardens from heat damage.

PPF calculations complied using our in-house integrating sphere measurements and typical spectroadiometric data for each LED to determine the fixture performance. Actual photometric results may vary within the LED s manufacturer s bin tolerance.

Wattage values are typical expected values. TSL Horti Tech maintains a tolerance of +/- 10% range on flux and power consumption. Target light level can vary from projected levels depending on ambient temperature, room reflections values, and other conditions.

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