Aerobrewer- Temperature and Power Controller

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Say hello to Aerobrewer, an easy-to-use tool to help farmers like you save time and grow happy plants. Aerobrewer gives you complete control of aeration and mixing in your feed tank when used with an Aeromixer, making it great for farmers with smaller tanks, those who simply want a more gentle agitation on compost teas, or to get the perfect brew temperature every time! Choose the power level, set the temperature, or control both at once and take the guesswork out of mixing.

• Features:

•    Set your desired tea temperature and power level and walk away.

•    Our simple, user-friendly design makes prepping to feed easy.

•    Get more flexibility out of your Aeromixer: Speed control feature allows your Aeromixer to mix in smaller tanks.

•    Choose the precise amount of agitation your mixture needs and automate tea brewing without constant monitoring.

•    Set the temperature that best suits your tea, and the power level that works the best for your tank size.

• Includes: Aerobrewer Temperature + Power Controller, One-year warranty

• Technical specs:

•    Max input 15 amp

•    Set your temperature +/- 3 degree variation

•    Three settings (Speed, Temp, Speed + Temp)

•    Three prong plug

•    One-Year Warranty

•    Aeromixer NOT included


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