Growonix Slim Scrubber


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Growonix Slim Scrubber

A step up from the miniScrub. The SlimScrub with it's NSF61 listed greencarbonremoves 99% of chlorine and 90% of sediment from the feed water. The SlimScrub is ideal for a wide range of uses and boasts a remarkable flow rate of 2 GPM-that's 120 gallons per hour! The SlimScrub flows fast enough to operate a garden hose sprayer making it perfect for water outdoor gardens. The SlimSrub is ideal for those who add expensive beneficial biological organisms to their grow media. The SlimSrub insures that the complex microbiology flourishing in the grow media will not be destroyed by harmful chlorine. For those with tap water that contains chloramines the SlimSrub can be upgraded with a KDF/GAC carbon filter.

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