Athena Mildew Control 8oz


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Athena Mildew Control 8oz

Brand Athena
Length 3
Height 1
Width 6
Weight 1.000000
Athena Mildew Control is a complete mildew control system that destroys and prevents mildews on contact and further prevents the colonies from developing into a crop destroying scenario. When used as directed Athena Mildew Control penetrates plant crevices and leaf surfaces where unwanted biotic infections seek to colonize. -Complete powdery mildew management: Control Killer & Cure -100% Organic cold-pressed plant extracts -NO artificial pesticides or fungicides -Derived from inputs grown in the USA -Can be used from seedling to harvest What to expect Athena Mildew Control formula deactivates the growth of spores effectively stopping the spread of mildew upon application. Our formulation has been designed to penetrate plant crevices and tiny leaf surfaces where mildew infections develop. Using natural compounds to combat mildew pressure minimizes the stress on your plants. Instead of your plants fighting biotic stress they can more efficiently use energy for vegetative growth and flower production. Increasing harvest quality and yields without any harmful or dangerous chemicals. Effective Against Powdery Mildew / Downey Mildew State pesticide use status: Approved for use in these states: CA CO GA HI IL MA MN MO NJ NY OR TX These states are coming soon: AZ FL ME MI NV OK WA

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