VRE Systems Mobile Hanging Dry Rack

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VRE Systems Mobile Hanging Dry Rack

For growers who prefer to dry their harvest vertically, there s the VRE Hanging Dry Rack. Made from steel, this hydroponic grow rack is a sturdy and durable way to cure your crop. The 3 hanging bars are adjustable up and down, while the 21 hanging rods are adjustable side-to-side, giving you a fully customizable rack you can cater to the size and shape of your herbs or flowers. Featuring a thermoplastic food-grade coating, this hanging dry rack is specifically designed to be easy to clean and easy to sanitize. That way, you can keep your plant safe from contamination and fungus while it dries. Move the drying rack with ease thanks to 5-inch castors designed for use in food facilities. Since the base tray is removable, it s easy to clean and captures fallen flowers, minimizing product loss and maximizing efficiency.

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