RAW Potassium 2 lb (3/Cs)

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RAW Potassium 2 lb (3/Cs)

RAW Potassium contains 50% water-soluble potash derived from potassium sulfate. This is the highest concentration of natural water-soluble potassium available to the home gardener. During fruiting and flowering, large amounts of potassium are used by the plant in a matter of days, which can lead to potassium deficiencies. RAW Potassium is ideal for boosting potassium (K) levels, treating deficiencies and creating optimal recipe solutions. A 2 oz package of RAW Potassium makes up to 200 gallons, an 8 oz package makes up to 800 gallons and a 2 lb package makes up to 3200 gallons.
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Brand NPK Industries
Height 45
Width 39
Length 48
Weight 2645.540000
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