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510 Wilson Street , Brewer, 04412
M-F: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm | SAT-SUN: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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About Our Brewer Location

Brewer, Maine is part of the Bangor Metropolitan area and is named after its first pioneer, Colonel John Brewer. The sister city of Bangor, Brewer sits on the Penobscot River estuary and is roughly two hours north of Portland. The City of Brewer offers economic opportunity with its urban location and access to an excellent highway network while maintaining its small-town appeal. Since legal sales of recreational use began in 2020, it has brought in millions in revenue to the state.

Our Store

At the GrowGeneration Brewer location, Rob and Andy have a combined growing experience of over 30 years. It doesn't matter how you grow, this shop has the knowledge and can first-hand consult and problem-solve any situation. As the industry leader in commercial sales and large-scale grow design, our Commercial Team is armed with experienced professional consultants to help fully manage any size or scale project. We offer turnkey facility designs, cultivation room designs, on-site project consultations, and more. Brewer preaches about having what you want when you need it. With 29k sq ft of warehouse space, this shop offers a massive selection of soil and media, which is always stored indoors, and other products at the best price in the state of Maine. GrowGeneration Brewer also offers direct to garden deliveries.

Our Products

With a vast inventory of lights, soil, trimmers, nutrients, tents, and more, you'll find the products you need to elevate every stage of your grow from propagation to harvest. Be sure to ask about the wide variety of products that include LED lights from brands like ION, Grower’s Choice, Luxx, and Gavita. We also carry PH pen calibration, several types of grow media from industry-leading brands like Coco, Happy Frog Soil, Ocean Forest Soil, along with top nutrients brands like Power Si, House and Garden, New Millennium, Canna, General Hydroponics, Athena, and Canna. Don’t forget to ask about the propagation supplies such as trays, pots, saucers, root plugs, domes, Clonex products, and more. HVAC and environmental controls are also key items sold at this location to ensure your grow is operating at full capacity. Along with this unique product offering, the store also provides solutions for automation with TrolMaster and other state-of-the-art systems to keep your facilities operating at full capacity.

How to Get to Our Store

GrowGeneration Brewer is located on the corner of Wilson St and Rudman Rd. It shares a shopping center with D & S Auto, LL Flooring, and Indoor Yard Sale.

Visit Our Brewer Location Today

Come visit GrowGeneration Brewer, your one-stop shop for hydroponic grow supplies, products, systems, and more in Maine! Come talk to a GrowPro at GrowGeneration Brewer today!


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    Store Details:
    510 Wilson Street , Brewer, 04412
    M-F: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm | SAT-SUN: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm