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1855 Reliable Circle, Colorado Springs, 80906
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About Our CO Springs West Location

Colorado Springs is Colorado's 2nd largest city with a population of 478,961 and growing! This city is known for its strong military presence as it is home to the Peterson Air Force Base and Peterson Space Force Base. It also has plenty to offer for outdoor enthusiasts as the city hosts numerous parks and biking trails, while Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak National Parks are just around the corner. Colorado Springs is the perfect place to be for beer lovers with a plethora of breweries and microbreweries. In 2012, Colorado was among the first U.S. states to legalize recreational use. However, the Colorado Springs city council voted against permitting recreational dispensaries to operate there. On the other hand, medical dispensaries are permitted here, and they continue to flourish with hundreds of stores.

Our Store

GrowGeneration Colorado Springs West operates out of a large open building featuring a loading dock, forklift, a soil yard, and a CO2 pumping station. The CO2 pumping station is the dedicated HUB for southern Colorado and supplies CO2 for the entire southern region of the state, and offers CO2 filling at an incredible price! This store is also equipped with a delivery truck, a van, and a driver to fulfill orders of any size and can deliver to local farms or grows. GrowGeneration’s Colorado Springs West location is complete with a staff of friendly and helpful growing experts. As the industry leader in commercial sales and large-scale grow design, our Commercial Team is armed with experienced professional consultants to help fully manage any size or scale project. We offer turnkey facility designs, cultivation room designs, on-site project consultations, and more.

Our Products

With a vast inventory of lights, soil, trimmers, nutrients, tents, and more, you'll find the products you need to elevate every stage of your grow from propagation to harvest. Be sure to ask about the wide variety of products that include LED lights from brands like ION, Grower’s Choice, Luxx, and Gavita. We also carry PH pen calibration, several types of grow media from industry-leading brands like Coco, Happy Frog Soil, Ocean Forest Soil, along with top nutrient brands like Power Si, House and Garden, New Millennium, Canna, General Hydroponics, Athena, and Canna. Don’t forget to ask about the propagation supplies such as trays, pots, saucers, root plugs, domes, Clonex products, and more. Along with this unique product offering, the store also provides solutions for automation with TrolMaster and other state-of-the-art systems to keep your facilities operating at full capacity.

How to Get to Our Store

GrowGeneration Colorado Springs West is located off of Ronald Reagan Highway on the corner of Reliable Circle and 4 Seasons Drive.

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Come visit GrowGeneration Colorado Springs on Reliable Circle, your one-stop shop for hydroponic grow supplies, products, systems, and more in Colorado! Come talk to a GrowPro at GrowGeneration Colorado Springs today!


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    Store Details:
    1855 Reliable Circle, Colorado Springs, 80906
    M-F: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm | SAT-SUN: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm