Vermicrop VermiFire 1.5 cu ft (55/Plt)

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Vermicrop VermiFire 1.5 cu ft (55/Plt)

VermiFire™ doesn't follow trends, it starts them. VermiFire™ performs above and beyond the call of duty; it is a potting soil that over achieves at every opportunity. We took our proven formula of VermiSoil™ and added extremely high levels of specific nutrients. Ingredients: coco coir, peat, redwood, compost, Alaskan humus, castings, cinders, perlite, bat guano, mycorrhizal fungi, alfalfa meal, blood meal, kelp meal, feather meal, bone meal, sulfate of potash, and greensand. Bulk is restricted to a 20 yard minimum.
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Brand Vermicrop
Length 48
Width 40
Weight 2180.000000
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