Athena Balance 1 Gallon

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Athena Balance 1 Gallon

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust. It is a beneficial nutrient for plants. When Athena Balance is applied regularly it builds stronger cell walls increases stress resistance and and improves nutrient utilization. Benefits -Silicon is best used in small amounts consistently to allow build up in the out cell membrane. -Silicon helps plants regulate water usage (osmoregulation). -Silicon can increase growth rate and produce stronger stems. -Silicon helps buffer reverse osmosis water to allow for better fertilizer mixing and reduced. pH Fluctuations. Silicon helps plants become more tolerant to drought heat and cold stresses. How To Use Always mix Athena Balance first in clean water before mixing other fertilizers and additives. Cleanse may be added before Balance. Note: Athena Balance will raise your solution pH. Regular usage Add 2-5 mL per gallon to your reservoir prior to mixing in other fertilizers and additives. For pH adjustment Mix your regular strength fertilizer mix. Add Athena Balance to reach your target pH‚ measure exactly how much per gallon. For future mixes add that amount. Best Practices Shake well before use. Use clean measuring instruments‚ do not put anything into the bottle.
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Brand Athena
Width 11
Length 6
Height 5
Weight 9.250000
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