Complete Hydroponics Systems

GrowGeneration® is the top provider of complete hydroponics systems for all of your growing needs. Our systems include top brands like Current Culture H2O, Active Aqua, GH, and more. We have many of the different types of growing systems that you need in order to start and sustain a viable growing situation. Let's take a look at some of the different systems that you can purchase from GrowGeneration.

Working With an RDWC Hydroponics System From GrowGeneration

RDWC or a DWC System

DWC stands for deep water culture system. This is a hydroponic system where the plant is submerged completely in a nutrient solution. With a simple DWC system, one container acts as both the plant container and the nutrient solution reservoir. With a RDWC, a central reservoir holds a nutrient solution and circulates it through the various plant containers in the hydroponics system.

RDWC and DWC systems have a wide variety of benefits:

  • RDWC systems require very little maintenance, making them highly cost effective for growers.
  • RDWC systems offer superior uptake of nutrients and oxygen per the circulation of the nutrient solution.
  • Plants grown in an RDWC system can provide bigger and better yields in a shorter amount of time over other growing mediums.
  • RDWC systems make it super easy and effective to manage your growing situation.
  • RDWC systems are highly conservative of water compared to other types of growing situations.

How Fast Do Plants Grow On an RDWC System?

Plants tend to grow considerably faster on an RDWC system. In comparison to other types of growing situations, on average, RDWC grows will occur 15% faster. Additionally, you will also notice that the harvest and yield will also increase. Depending upon the plant being grown, you can expect anywhere from 15% to 30% of a better yield when growing hydroponics.

Which Types of Plants Thrive on an RDWC System?

Virtually any type of plant will do well on an RDWC system. Herbs, cannabis, and other leafy green plants will thrive in a hydroponics growing environment. Flowering plants that produce fruit, like squash and tomatoes will also do well, they just take a little bit more effort in terms of nutrients and growth automation.

What Other Advantages Are Available To The Hydroponics Grower?

With an RDWC system, growers can easily maintain and change the moisture content that is delivered to the root of the plant. If you are trying to conserve water or focus on aromatic plants, you might choose a dryer root zone in the plant. If you want to focus on more leafy plants, a higher concentration of moisture to the root of the plant will increase photosynthesis within the plant.

What Brands To Consider?

GrowGeneration has two great brands available for growers who want to take advantage of DWC/RDWC systems. We carry Current Culture H20 and the Active Aqua Root Spa products. These brands of DWC/RDWC systems will offer users a wide variety of different benefits:

  • Increased growth rate in plants and superior flowering.
  • Nutrient delivery options that are trusted by growers.
  • An easily automated growing solution.
  • Scalable for most sized operations.
  • More harvests each year and better yields.
  • Customizable layouts and modularity for your growing environment.

GrowGeneration also carries other modular systems that may benefit your growing environment. We carry the General Hydroponics brand of WaterFarm systems or purchase the PowerGrower Eco, and the controller. This brand is popular among growers and allows for great customization of the growing environment. It also brings high performance at a lower cost to smaller growing operations.

What Types of Issues Do You Need To Be On The Lookout For When Using a Hydroponic Growing Medium?

With the different technologies that are available in terms of automation, hydroponics growers can worry less about their plants. However, there are a few issues that growers should be on the lookout for as they grow throughout the season:

  • Diseases that attack the roots of their plants, like Pythium.
  • pH levels in their nutrient solutions.
  • Maintaining a constant temperature for the nutrient solution and making sure that other environmental factors in the grow environment are at optimal levels.

General Growing Considerations for Managing a Complete Hydroponic Growing System

When you are working with a hydroponics kit from GrowGeneration, there are several different considerations that will help you with your growing success:

Optimizing the Growing Environment

All aspects of your hydroponics should be optimized for the ideal growing experience. We highly recommend automating daytime and nighttime temperatures, the humidity of the growing space, light levels, CO2 levels, and ventilation.

The Temperature of Your Nutrient Solution

You will need to be within a certain temperature range of your nutrient solution for right level of dissolved oxygen to be present. The right temperature will help you mitigate harmful bacteria and help with better growth. Ideally, your temperature should be between 66 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Changing Out Your Nutrient Solution

You can use a top-off reservoir for periodic nutrient steering and pH steering of your system. That being said, generally a full nutrient solution changeout is beneficial over once every two weeks. Additionally, with more aggressive nutrient approaches, a weekly changeout may be needed.

Why Choose GrowGeneration For Complete Hydroponics Systems?

GrowGeneration has a complete set of brands available for avid hydroponics farmers. These brands, such as Complete Current H2O and Active Aqua have been trusted by growers for affordability, productivity, and quality for years. You can buy any of these quality brands on our website or at one of our stores throughout the United States.

GrowGeneration also carries several different accessories and products that help you expand your hydroponics growing operation. With GrowGeneration, you can scale your hydroponics operation over the years.