Dosers give growers the opportunity to free up a lot of their time by automating their grow room. Growers use dosers to provide their plants with the right amount of nutrients and to maintain adequate pH levels in their growing environment. Smaller growers will likely stay away from doing systems because of the price limitations. Larger growers will benefit from investing a little bit of money in their growing operation by automating their growing room.

How Do Dosers Work

Dosers really do two different things. First and foremost they monitor the viability of your nutrient solution for the plant. Secondly, they pump nutrients into your solution as needed. When you automate your grow environment, you will be able to monitor your pH, the electrical conductivity of the solution, and the temperature of the solution. Automated dosers add nutrients to the solution. An automated dosing solution can help reduce significant labor for the grower, such as topping off of the nutrient solution.

What Are the Benefits of Dosers?

Dosers have several different benefits. If a grower spends 30 minutes a day checking their solution, this can add up to about 3 hours per week depending upon the growing situation. For beginners, they often spend more time monitoring their nutrient solution until they get a feel for how to do it correctly.

Sometimes, growers might overcompensate and make a mistake when trying to control the levels of nutrients in their solution. Automated dosing solutions help avoid this and help create an optimal, stable growing situation for plants.

Automated dosing also helps you avoid creating a shock situation for your plants. When growers will flush their system, the plants will compensate for a more diluted nutrient solution by absorbing more. Sometimes, this shock can result in the loss of plants in a grow. Automated doing helps plants absorb nutrients consistently.

Dosers also play a huge role in reducing human error. You can get your recipe just right every time if you use a doser from GrowGeneration.

What Types of Growing Operations Should Consider Dosers?

Many growers started small. As they scaled their operations, they needed uniformity and consistency with their nutrition solutions and dosing processes. Some growers prefer to use different solutions for the various growing stages of their plants. Sometimes, it may be necessary to change out the nutrient solution within five days. Dosers allow larger growers to change that recipe quickly and on a schedule.

If you're a grower with a really rich soil in an outdoor grow, a dosing system might not be a viable need for your growing operation. However, dosers can be used by virtually any type of plant for virtually any type of growing operation. Once you find that manually mixing your nutrient solution is too labor intensive, a dosing system investment might be a good fit for you.

Even if you aren't a large-scale operation, a dosing system might save you water costs, labor, and excessive fertilizer use. An automated watering system, alone, offers many benefits.

What Should You Think About Before Purchasing a Dosing System?

A small grower might have several different questions about dosing systems and might not know a whole lot about dosers. If you are thinking about purchasing a doser for the first time, these questions can help answer whether or not a doser is a good fit for you:

  • Is reducing your labor a high priority?
  • Do you want to manage your system remotely?
  • Do you want ease when it comes to maintaining your nutrient levels?
  • Is manually preparing your nutrient solution and maintaining your pH levels becoming too burdensome?

If any of these questions applies to you, a dosing system could be a good investment for your growing operation.

Dosers do not require a solid master of technology and are equipped to make your life easier. Some dosing systems will send you text notifications and also include an app. GrowGeneration's array of dosing products are designed to make your growing situation easier without any hassle.

What Are the Top Reasons for Using Dosers?

Dosers have several different benefits for the grower. First and foremost, dosers reduce time and labor. You can deliver different recipes at various stages throughout the growing cycle, improving your growing efficacy. One of the other benefits of using dosers involves the conservation of resources. Some dosers, like Dosatron, feature a water-powered solution, reducing your energy bill. More importantly, dosers are a great fit for an environmentally friendly hydroponics grow operation. Dosers help minimize water consumption and save on fertilizer use and mistakes. .

What Doser Brands Are Available?


GrowGeneration carries several dosing products that may be beneficial for your growing operation. These include the BlueLab PeriPod L3, M3, and M4, as well as the pH Controller Connect. Here is how these products work:

PeriPod: The L3, M3, and M4 are the models that you should buy based upon the size of your growing environment. They respond to inputs from the controlling unit, optimizing your nutrient levels and pH levels automatically.
pH Controller Connect: The pH Controller connect monitors your pH levels continuously, adding up and down solutions and also will help with doing of the nutrients into your reservoirs.

Dosatron Injectors and Nutrient Delivery Systems

Dosatron nutrient delivery systems are powerful and have a wide variety of commercial applications for the grower, including cannabis and other types of grows. It's four-paneled assembly is simple and is for more than just hydroponics setups. It can be used for aquaponics, drip irrigation,vertical farming, and more. They are also water powered, which can save on the power consumption of your growing operation.

Choose GrowGeneration For Your Doser Needs

GrowGeneration is the market leader for dosers. We take the time to find the right products preferred by commercial growers. Our dosers are viable for your growing operation. You can conveniently purchase them online or at any of our retail outlets throughout the United States. GrowGeneration