High-Tech Shred/Sifter 3lb


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High-Tech Shred/Sifter 3lb

BrandShingle MFG

The 110 cup shredder/sifter can process around 2 lbs of material in 3-7 seconds depending on moisture levels.

The grinder uses whips rather than blades so there is never any powder unless you want powder.

The system is built in the USA, and never produces any powder. A single operator can process 100 lbs a hour.

The unit features a built in screen to sift the stems from your valuable plant material at a 99.5% efficiency. The capture system allows for zero loss. Also a removal-able basket for cleaning.


UL Rated Machine.


The Shred Sifter comes with:

Basket with #8 Mesh, 3mm particle size
Set of whips installed (Food Grade)
Safety Lid
Set Of bags (2 Bags)

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