Jack's Nutrients FeED 18-8-23 Outdoor 25 lb

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Jack's Nutrients FeED 18-8-23 Outdoor 25 lb

The Jack s FeED line is comprised of complete nutrient formulations. Everything your plants need for each stage, from start to finish.

Yep that s right, a nutrient blend specifically tailored for outdoor hemp and cannabis production. The research team at Jack s has a real knack for making things easy, efficient and cost effective in any growing environment and this product definitely wears its name well. The nutrient blend in Jack s Outdoor is potentially acidic and designed to keep your pH in the desired range for optimum nutrient uptake. Plus, we ve perfected the N:K2O ratio as well as added a kick on Mg and S to hit the right balance so that your plants can thrive in the outdoor sunlight rich environment. Get ready to see yields of happy plants!
BrandJacks Nutrients

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