Grow Dosers, Grow Automation, and Grow Meters

Every indoor grower knows that maintaining the perfect environment is key to a successful harvest. That's why we offer a wide range of grow meters and hydroponic dosers to help you keep an eye on all the important details. Whether you're looking at pH, EC, PPM meters, light meters and controllers or water timers for an at-home grow or professional grow setup, we've got you covered. At GrowGeneration, we offer a range of grow room automation and monitoring products to ensure high yields for both home and commercial grow setups, from popular brands like AutoPilot, Hanna Instruments, Titan Controls, and more.

How do grow room meters, dosers, timers, and light controllers help growers? 

Modern grow setups require modern equipment to monitor and regulate pH, nutrient concentration, and water level, and other key elements that affect plant growth. Our grow room monitoring and automation equipment can help you maximize growing operations while reducing expense and time.

Shop Dosers, Meters, and Lighting Controllers from GrowGeneration 

With our selection of grow room meters and dosers, and automation equipment, it's easier to keep your grow operation running like a well-oiled machine. Shop brands like TrolMaster, Titan Controls, P3 International and many others.

Wondering which meter or doser is the best fit for your grow room? Contact a GrowGeneration GrowPro today! Shop online and pick up in store (available at participating locations).