Twister T4 Helix Blade with Nuts

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Replacement Twister T4 Nitrided Helix Blade with Nuts

Note: * New FoodSafe Nitrided Blades ship standard with all Twister trimming machines (T2 T4 and T6).

Nitrided blades are high-carbon hardened steel blades that surpass the quality and durability of most standard blades on trimmers. Nitrided Blades are FoodSafe; the materials used are approved for contact with food products.

-Hardened steel
-Increased tensile strength
-Increased corrosion resistance (no rust)
-Increased wear resistance
-Less wear on blades
-Less buildup on the blades
-Blades stay sharp longer
-Materials are approved for contact with food products

What is Salt Bath Nitriding?
Salt bath nitriding also know as ferritic liquid ion nitriding or nitro-carburization is a process in which nitrogen and carbon are diffused into the surface of ferrous metals. The diffusion of these elements gives the metal enhanced mechanical properties compared with untreated steel. The process involves pre-heating the untreated steel material which is then placed in a liquid salt bath where the nitrogen and carbon are diffused into the surface of the material. The part is then quenched in another liquid bath for black oxide treatment and finally rinsed and cleaned. The resulting part benefits from an aesthetic black colour as well as some of the enhanced properties listed above.
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