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Char Coir Nutrients

"CharCoir is the most consistently clean and buffered coco coir we have ever used in our gardens."

Jason Hutto

Founder of HOC House of Cultivar, Seattle, WA

Power Si
"Within 24 hours of using PowerSi Original for the first time, it was obvious that my plants were noticeably happier and healthier. Praying so hard into the lights. By the 2 week mark of using original, any nutrient deficiencies or discolorations in my stems and petioles had resolved themselves leaving me with that healthy colored strong green from top to bottom. Cut to almost 5 years later and I have not let myself run out of it since. My bag appeal, yield, smell, and taste have all improved from the use of PowerSi Original & Bloom. A little goes a long way."

Wolverine Grown


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