Indoor Growing Media & Containers

Choosing the right grow medium and container is essential for a successful indoor gardening experience. Here at GrowGeneration, we have a vast range of products to choose from like potting soil, drainage media, and more from a range of high-quality brands that suit both home and commercial growers. Brands include Mother Earth, FoxFarm, and others.

When you grow indoors, you either have a soil or hydroponic setup. While potting soil is commonly used for plants in grow tents and grow rooms, for a hydroponic setup, you need a soilless growing medium.

Hydroponic Grow Media

A well-chosen hydroponic growing medium is a crucial part of any hydroponic system. A grow medium can be anything from small rocks and pebbles to coconut husks or expanded clay pellets, all with one thing in common — they provide stability for plants' roots and facilitate nutrient uptake. Some of the most popular hydroponic media include:

Coco coir — a popular hydroponic medium choice for growers who want to reduce their dependence on soil. Coco coir is made from coconut husks and is an excellent alternative to traditional potting soil. It is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of grow containers. It retains moisture well and doesn’t compact over time.

Rockwool — this hydroponic growing medium is made from spun volcanic rock and is an excellent option for hydroponic systems. It is also very easy to work with and can be cut to fit any size grow container.

Drainage media — this grow medium category consists of two lightweight growing media used when water retention is a concern: clay pebbles and perlite. Clay pebbles, made from fired clay are extremely absorbent and ideal for use in areas where water retention is a concern. Perlite, on the other hand, is a volcanic glass that has lots of tiny pores that help water drain out.

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No matter what you're growing, there's a grow media that's right for you. GrowGeneration has the largest selection of grow containers, pots and grow media in the country. Contact a GrowGeneration GrowPro today to get your home or commercial garden’s grow media needs professionally assessed or shop online and pick up in store (available at participating locations).