Hydroponic Supplies & Equipment

Looking for the best hydroponic supplies and equipment on the market? Look no further than the GrowGeneration hydroponics shop. We carry all of the latest and greatest products to help you grow healthy plants without soil, including everything from net and fabric pots to growing media, water chillers and heaters, and tubing. Our hydroponic supplies can outfit hydro systems for commercial hydroponic growers and home growers alike.

Why Hydroponics?

If you're thinking about getting into hydroponics, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. After all, growing plants in water doesn't seem all that complicated. But there are actually a lot of reasons why hydroponics is a great way to grow plants.

Hydroponic systems offer a number of benefits for growers, including:

- Increased yields: Because hydroponically grown plants do not have to contend with soil-borne pests and diseases, they often out yield their soil-grown counterparts.

- Faster growth rates: Hydroponically grown plants also tend to have faster growth rates than soil-grown plants due to the fact that they can access nutrients more easily.

- Less water use: Hydroponic systems are also much more efficient in their use of water than traditional growing methods. In fact, some estimates suggest that hydroponic systems can use up to 90% less water than soil-based systems.

Hydroponic Systems

This type of gardening can be done with a variety of different hydroponic systems, each with its own set of pros and cons.

  • Ebb and Flow System — Also known as the flood and drain system, this popular hydroponic system works by flooding the root zone of the plants with nutrient solution and then draining it back into a reservoir. The roots are constantly bathed in fresh, oxygenated solution, which leads to rapid growth. However, this system does require some maintenance to ensure that the roots are not allowed to dry out.
  • Drip System — Another popular hydroponic system, the drip method works by slowly dripping nutrient solution onto the root zone of the plants. Drip size and frequency are adjusted to meet plant needs. This system is very efficient because there is little waste and the roots always have access to fresh, oxygenated solution. However, this system does require regular maintenance to ensure that the drips are working properly and that the roots don't dry out.
  • Wick System — This simple system is used for small plants or as an emergency backup for larger plants. It works by wicking nutrient solution from a reservoir up to the root zone of the plants. A wick system is  very easy to set up and maintain, but it is not as efficient as other systems because some of the solution can be lost through evaporation.
  • Aeroponic System — This high-tech type of hydroponic system that uses misting heads to spray nutrient solution onto the root zone of the plants. Roots get constant access to fresh, oxygenated solution, which leads to rapid growth. However, aeroponics requires expensive equipment and regular maintenance to ensure that the misting heads are working properly and that the roots aren’t drying.

Essential Hydroponics Supplies

Most growers will need several essential hydroponic growing supplies to get started:

  • Reservoir or tank
  • Grow trays and stand
  • Tubing and fittings
  • Air pump or air stone
  • Net pots, fabric pots
  • Hydroponic growing media

Additional Hydroponics Supplies

Depending on your growing situation, some people will need the following hydro equipment to get a good yield:

  • Water chiller
  • Water heater
  • Water filtration equipment
  • Nutrient dosers

GrowGeneration carries hydroponics equipment solutions for all types of grow rooms, greenhouses and any grow style our customers embrace. We offer a comprehensive selection of hydroponic grow systems, hydroponic kits, water chillers and heaters, irrigation supplies, water pumps, drip systems and more.

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