Environmental & Climate Controllers for Indoor Growing

No matter what kind of indoor grow operation you're running, grow room climate control is going to be a vital part of your setup. GrowGeneration carries 100's of environment control, grow room ventilation, and odor control products for your cultivation operation. Shop grow room climate control products like odor control and air filters, fans and blowers, environmental controllers, ventilation and ducting, humidifiers, fan speed controllers, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners to create the perfect growing environment for your plants.

Why does grow room climate control matter?

Grow room climate control is an essential factor that actively contributes to plant survival, growth, and especially yield. While plants may be able to survive in unfavorable conditions, yield quantity and quality will be affected. Our grow room control equipment will let you:

  • Control air flow and ventilation
  • Control odor
  • Control CO2 levels
  • Control humidity
  • Control temperature

By regulating temperature, humidity, and airflow, you can create an optimal environment for plant growth — and avoid problems like mold, mildew, and bud rot.

Buy GrowGeneration Grow Room Climate Control Supplies & Equipment Today!

We provide home growers and commercial growers with environment controllers, CO2 devices, and so many more products for your grow room from brands like Active Air, Can-Fan, Iluminar, Titan Controls, and more. Shop our selection of grow room climate control products today and get your operation running at peak efficiency!

Contact a GrowGeneration GrowPro today to get your grow room's climate control needs professionally assessed or shop online and pick up in store (available at participating locations).