Grow Nutrients for Indoor Gardening – Soil & Hydroponic Nutrients

Without the right grow nutrients, plants can become stunted and unhealthy. Here at GrowGeneration, you will find the largest and most comprehensive selection of base nutrients, organic nutrients, supplements and additives and more, for all of your growing needs. Shop top of the line brands like Drip Hydro, Botanicare, General Hydroponics, Fox Farm, Emerald Harvest, and Dynomyco that are suited for both home and commercial grow setups.

Why Plant Nutrients Matter 

When you are growing indoors, plant growth, optimal plant structure, aggressive roots, and maximum yield potential are all reliant on the grow nutrients that you provide. Finding the right plant nutrients can be a challenge, especially for indoor soil growers and hydroponic growers. There are a variety of factors to consider, such as the type of plants you are growing and the growing medium you are using.

We carry a wide range of plant nutrients (including hydro nutrients), so you can find the perfect match for your crop.

NPK: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium 

Nutrient solutions are composed of three main macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). Many hydroponic nutrient products have a 3-digit ratio, called the N-P-K ratio on each product. Depending on the growth stage, your hydroponic setup, and water source, you will need nutrients solutions with different ratios of these three macronutrients.

Types of Hydroponic Grow Nutrients 

If you want your plants to not only be healthy, but also flourish, make sure they get all their nutrient needs met with high-quality solutions tailored for soil or soilless growing.

  • Base nutrients – these mixtures of hydroponic nutrients provide the basic NPK solution that plants need for growth
  • PH adjusters – in hydroponics, these products help to adjust the pH of nutrient solutions.
  • Compost tea – water that has been steeped in compost to include beneficial bacteria and other microbes to help plant growth
  • Nutrient sets – kits of 2-3+ different hydroponic nutrient solutions that are curated to work together
  • Organic hydroponic nutrients – hydro nutrient products made out of natural ingredients like bird and bat guano
  • Supplements and additives – Additional nutrients and fertilizers that can boost growth under specific conditions