LED Grow Lights

GrowGeneration® has the largest assortment of LED grow lights for hobbyist and commercial growing operations. Our selection includes a wide variety of different brands, including Gavita, Luxx, Ion, and others. You can purchase our assortment of growing lights online or visit a store in your area to see which ones are available. As always, GrowGeneration® has resources to help you find the right lights for your growing operation.

Why Choose LED Growing Lights?

LED Growing Lights Are More Affordable In the Long-Term

LED growing lights will save you in the long-term over CHM and DE lights. While the lighting fixtures themselves tend to cost more upfront for LED lights, you will save more on energy bills and light bulb replacements over a five year cycle. Here are some of the cost savings you can expect to see by using LED growing lights:

  • You won't have to replace your bulbs or lamps (CHM and DE lights cost about $95+ per bulb)
  • You will save about 35% on your energy bill.
  • Over a 5 year cycle, LED lights save you about 21.5%

LED Lights Are Easier To Install In Different Sizes of Growing Situations

LED Grow lights have an "all-in-one-package'' design that makes installation easier in small, medium, and large grows. Most small growers are only going to need LED lighting fixtures and adequate ventilation to ensure the ideal grow environment. With larger growing operations, growers are probably going to be able to downgrade their HVAC, because less cooling is needed due to the smaller heat load of LED grow lights.

Closer Placement Of LED Lights is Optimal For Plant Growth

The lower heat load of LED grow lights makes it possible for closer placement to plants, in some situations, as close as a few inches. This is a better situation for growers who are in situations where they are limited by the height of their growing space.

LED Grow Lights Allow For Better Spectrum Control

One of the bigger advantages of LED grow lights are that they give the grower greater control over spectrum, as well as lighting intensity and duration. Greater spectrum is really important for growers that are concerned about flower density, quality, and potency in flowering plants. Plant growth used to be limited by the type of lighting. LED technology allows the grower to adjust intensity and specific wavelengths, allowing them to control the spectrum for the growing situation that they want.

Lower Cooling Costs

One of the nice perks of using LED grow lights is that you don't have to run your grow cooling unit as much. LED grow lights typically run anywhere from 25% to 40% cooler than other types of lighting fixtures. Some smaller growers, depending upon their climate, can elect to bypass having a cooling system altogether while other growers might be able to have their intake system bring in cooler air if the ambient outdoor temperature is lower than the growing environment.

LED Grow Lights Are Better For the Environment

To a certain extent, LED bulbs are better for the environment than traditional growing bulbs. Traditional bulbs often contain dangerous mercury vapors and other chemicals that can be released into the environment when broken. Some growers who utilize LED lights actually can power their growing lights through solar panels if they are in the right area of the country.

Picking the Right LED Lights

GrowGeneration can help you pick the right type of LED grow lights. However, there are several different factors that go into picking the right set of LED lights:

What Type of Growing Are You Doing?

Some types of plants require more wattage than others. For example, plants that produce fruit (like tomatoes or peppers) will require higher wattage lights. Plants that are considered leafy greens (like herbs and leafy vegetables) don't require as high of a wattage. The average LED light will draw about 32 watts to cover 1 square foot. Wattage is one guideline that you should consider when picking an LED grow light, but not the only option.

What Type of Spectrum Do You Need?

The ideal LED grow light will emit a uniform spectrum. So if you put 4 plants under the same light, they will all get the same type of spectrum, including red, blue, UV, and infrared. Full spectrum LED lights will give you the ability to raise your plant from a seedling all the way to harvest.

Picking the Right Brand of LED Light For Your Growing Operation

GrowGeneration® has plenty of LED grow lights to choose from, ranging from Ion to Grower's Choice. Here are some of the different brands of LED grow lights that we carry:

  • Ion LED grow lights are popular because they reduce HVAC cost and can be used in most commercial growing situations and can be beneficial for small growers.
  • Luxx Lighting provides high-quality LED lights that are designed by growers for high-cultivating growing situations.
  • Gavita makes popular LED lighting setups for hydroponics, medicinal crops, and urban farming.
  • Grower's Choice has over 30+ years of experience providing high-quality lighting for growers.

What Other Accessories Do You Need For Your Growing Operation?

If you are purchasing LED lights, you might want to consider some other products to help you with your growing operation. For example you might want to consider other accessories like light risers and hangers if you grow from seedling all the way to harvest. This will help you keep your LED lights at the right level above the plant canopy, no matter what you are growing.

Choosing LED Lights From GrowGeneration

When you purchase LED lights from GrowGeneration, you get access to high-quality products at great prices. Our LED lights are available at any of our store locations and you can buy them on the website. Give GrowGeneration the opportunity to help you with your commercial growing operation with the best brands of LED lights on the market.