Ion 315-Watt CMH Fixture 110/240 Volt No Bulb

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Ion 315-Watt CMH Fixture 110/240 Volt No Bulb

Ion 315 Watt CMH Fixture 110/240 Volt No Bulb

Model: GTE315
Bulb: 315W CMH
Input power: 330W
Input voltage range: 85-264V
Input voltage: 120-240V
Input Current: 2.75A
Input frequency: 50/60Hz
Maximum output power: 315W
Output frequency: 140Hz
Dimmer: No
Leakage current: 1.8mA
THD: <8%
CF Lamp: <1.6
Power factor: > 0.98
Open circuit voltage: 250Vrms
Operating frequency: 140Hz
Ignition voltage: 3.5KV-4KV
Ignition Interval: 1-2-5-5-5 Min
Ignition time: 30MS
Inrush current: 30A
Input Current Protection: 5A
Isolation resistance: 5M
Isolation voltage: 3.5KV
Bulb failure detection: YES
Lamp power: Constant
Flickering of the lamp / acoustic resonance: No
RF interference: No
Max temperature of the box: (Tc) 80 ? C
Ambient temperature: -25 to 40 ? C
Operating humidity: 20%-95%
IP environment required: IP__23
Unit weight: 4.5Kg
Unit size: 521x411x164mm

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