LED Grow Lights

Are you searching for a grow light system to increase yields while cutting production costs? Investing in light-emitting diode (LED) grow lights could be the best solution depending on your indoor setup. LED grow lighting is more energy-efficient than other types of grow bulbs and emits natural light similar to the sun’s. This means that using LEDs for indoor growing helps save on energy bills while providing consistent light that hydroponic plants need to thrive  

Why Choose LED Grow Lights? 

LED grow lights are becoming the preferred lighting system choice for hydroponic growers. Here are a few reasons why indoor growers, hydroponic facilities, and vertical farms choose LED grow lighting for their crops. 

Long-Term Affordability 

Although LED grow lighting tends to cost more upfront than ceramic metal-halide (CMH) and double-ended (DE) lights (which are popular for their adjustable settings), LED grow lights have a great long-term return on investment. They last longer and use less energy. 


LED grow lights are the most energy-efficient horticultural lighting system available. They use less energy to produce the same amount of light as traditional grow lighting systems, saving money on energy bills. 

Natural Lighting 

LED grow lights emit natural light similar to the sun’s light. Crops thrive on this natural light. Since it simulates the sun’s light, it consistently provides ideal conditions for hydroponic plants, accelerating their growth. By providing direct and consistent natural light, plants spend less energy and time finding these resources and redirect the energy on development instead – quickening the cultivation lifecycle.

Closer Plant Proximity 

It is important to note that hydroponic lighting systems produce various heat levels, dramatically impacting indoor cultivation. The less heat a bulb has, the closer the lighting system can be to the plants for optimal development. If your crop is sensitive to heat, we recommend installing lighting systems at a further distance from the plants, using water chillers for temperature regulation, or cultivating plants that prefer cooler climates. Since LED grow lights produce less heat while functioning, there is less risk of heat and burn damage for crops. 

Another advantage to LED lighting’s closer plant proximity is that it can fit in limited grow room spaces. If there are height limitations, LED lighting takes less space since lights don’t have to be mounted high above the plants.  

Popular Types of LED Grow Lights

To help you better understand your options when shopping for LED grow lights, let’s go over some of the most common grow light LED styles you’ll find when shopping. 

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights 

Full spectrum LED grow lights are designed to provide all the light a plant needs to grow from seedling to harvest. They emit a full spectrum of light, including UV and infrared, which can be beneficial for plant growth. However, full spectrum LEDs aren’t the cheapest option.

LED Grow Light Strips 

LED grow light strips are another popular option, especially for people who are growing herbs or other small plants. They are typically very energy-efficient and low-maintenance.

T5 LED Grow Lights 

T5 LED grow lights are a type of fluorescent light that uses LEDs instead of traditional bulbs. They are more efficient than traditional T5 fluorescents and last longer, making them a good choice for people who want an affordable option that is still high-quality. 

Professional LED Grow Lights 

Professional LED grow lights are designed for larger grows and can be very expensive. However, they offer the best possible quality of light for plants.

Bar Style LED Grow Lights 

Bar style lights have rows of LEDs that emit light in a wide area, while panel style lights have arrays of LEDs that emit light in a smaller area. Common wattages for bar style lights range from 50 watts to 200 watts, while panel style lights typically range from 300 watts to 650 watts. 

Vertical LED Grow Lights 

Vertical LED grow lighting is becoming more popular as it takes up less space and can be more efficient than traditional horizontal lighting setups. 

Seedling and Clone LED Grow Lights 

LED Seedling and clone lights are designed to provide low levels of light for young plants.

How to Pick the Right Hydroponic LED Lights 

Various LED lighting systems are available, but how do you know which one is best? Several factors require consideration to determine the proper LED lighting for hydroponics. From grow room type to cultivation, here is a guide to understanding how to pick the right LED lights for your hydroponic system.

Grow Light Wattage 

When you're shopping for LED grow lights, one of the most important things to look at is the wattage. This will give you an indication of how much light the fixture produces and how much area it can cover. 

Grow Room Type

Selecting an LED grow lighting system depends on the hydroponic system’s wattage requirements. Wattage is a measure that determines a light bulb’s strength, and the average LED light will draw about 32 watts to cover 1 square foot. 

We recommend using LED lighting with less wattage to prevent heat damage if it is a small home grow room. For large-scale hydroponic facilities or vertical farms, we suggest using professional LED grow lights with higher-wattage bulbs to cover vast growing areas and prevent light deficiency.

Cultivation Type 

Crops that produce fruit, such as tomatoes and peppers, require higher wattage lights. In contrast, leafy greens and herbs require less wattage. Lastly, some crops and plants require intense lighting and warmth as a seedling and less during flowering. 

If your crop needs a range of light levels throughout its plant lifecycle, we recommend purchasing LED grow light bulbs with stronger wattage for seedlings and lower wattages for flowering. 

Light Risers and Hangers for LED Grow Lights 

Once you select the proper LED lighting system, we suggest considering additional lighting accessories like risers and hangers to streamline your growing operations. 

Light risers and hangers are a practical investment because they can be adjusted to different heights throughout plant growth cycles.  Lighting can hang low for seedlings and rise for flowering and harvest. These features help keep LED lights at the right level above the plant canopy for all cultivation types. 

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LED Grow Light Brands We Recommend

At GrowGeneration, we carry a large selection of LED grow lamps and supplies from industry-leading brands. Here are a few brands we carry and recommend for various indoor growing scenarios:

  • Ion LED Grow Lights – Popular choice due to reduced HVAC costs. Applicable in most commercial hydroponic systems and home growers.  
  • Luxx Lighting LED Grow Lights LED – Provides high-quality LED lights designed for high-cultivating growing operations.  
  • Gavita LED grow lights – Popular choice for medicinal crops and urban farming. 
  • Growers Choice – This brand has over 30+ years of experience providing high-quality lighting for all indoor cultivation systems.  

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