HydroLogic MicRO RO System, 75 GPD

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Micro sized, portable reverse osmosis system. Entry level, economical solution. 75 gallons per day. Includes KDF/carbon pre-filter and 75 GPD membrane. Also comes with garden hose connector, 1/4" shut off valve, and pressure gauge. Features 2:1 drain to product water ratio for maximum efficiency.

Replaceable carbon pre-filter (more earth friendly and affordable to change only the filter not the entire housing)

KDF85 media added into carbon pre-fiter (for chloramines and heavy metal reduction)

USA made high rejection RO membrane

Metal bracket (so filter is stable on a flat surface or can be wall mounted)

Integrated pressure gauge with safe zones

ASOV (automatic shut off valve so drain line shuts down when product line is shut down)

External flow restrictor for 2:1 drain to product water ratios


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